‘RHOBH’: Kyle Richards Mother-in-Law Shares Support for Donald Trump, Feuds With ‘Mexican Dynasties’ Star

Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is married to Mauricio Umansky. The couple is not known to express their political views on social media but it turns out that their relatives do. Richards’ mother-in-law Estella Sneider Bessudo took to Twitter to express her support for Donald Trump following the terrorist attack on the Capitol Building. However, the Mexican Dynasties star Doris Bessudo set her straight during a tense feud.

Kyle Richards, Estella Sneider, and Doris Bessudo
Kyle Richards, Estella Sneider, and Doris Bessudo | Jesse Grant/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images / Greg Doherty/Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

How did the feud start?

Estella is Mauricio’s mother and she has appeared on RHOBH throughout the years, especially in the first seasons. Following the horrendous riots at the Capitol Building on Wednesday, January 6, Estella came out in full support of Trump. Domestic terrorists breached security and barged into the sacred building where Congress was meeting to certify Joe Biden’s presidential win.

However, Estella is a Trump sympathizer that believes the election was stolen, even after the current White House resident has not been able to prove the allegations. Estella took to Twitter to express her contempt against CNN.

“Typical of you to vlame [sic] Donald Trump,” she tweeted. “What about blaming the DemocRATS WHO ARE STEALING AN ELECTION. We will never accept a stolen fraudulent election.”

Doris, who starred on Bravo’s Mexican Dynasties, saw the tweet and dragged Estella with some facts.

“How many have to die today, what is your limit, how can you permit this, traitors, terrorists, this is all on you, the Trump cult you are to ‘vlame.’ I am embarrassed to be related to you,” she tweeted.

Estella saw the tweet and noticed that Doris made fun of her spelling mistake and clapped back.

“Do you make fun of a typo? The V is next to the B. I know how to write English better than you,” Estella fired back. “You are the most hypocritical person I have ever met. Embarrassed to be your aunt. Stay away from my nuclear family. I never want to talk to you again. Be safe.”

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Estella Sneider Bessudo drags Kyle Richards into the drama

Mauricio’s mother was not done expressing her feelings about Doris and even dragged the RHOBH star into the mess.

“I am embarrassed [to be] related [to you], user,” Estella said in another tweet. “Where were [you] with [your] comments during the riots were [sic] they burn police cars, destroy stores, looted? A women [sic] unarmed was killed by either security or police. Trump supporters infiltrated by BLM & ANTIFA.”

At the end of the last message, Estella made sure to tag her son and her famous daughter-in-law.

A fan replied to the tweet and asked why Richards was being mentioned.

“I don’t know why [Estella] dragged my beautiful [cousin] Kyle Richards into this,” Doris replied. This is between me and her. And I am done with her enabling and dangerous rhetoric. Leave Kyle out of it.”

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Another fan tried to get Richards’ attention to chime in on the drama but Doris asked them not to drag her into it.

“This is between me and my aunt. She should not bring my beautiful prima into this. I am done with her dangerous and enabling rhetoric. Leave Kyle out of this,” Doris said.

When another fan questioned if Richards and her husband were MAGA supporters, Doris said, “Nope, not MAGA.”

As of yet, Richards nor Umansky have reacted to the tweets pubicly.