‘RHOBH’ Revealed: Who Was the ‘Bravo Insider’ Who Said Lisa Vanderpump Would Return for $2 Million? (Exclusive)

Lisa Vanderpump wondered why it was suddenly being reported that she would return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for $2 million.

Because she definitely didn’t say it. A “Bravo insider” was quoted in a few publications making the remark, but the “insider,” David Yontef from the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, never declared Vanderpump would return for $2 million.

Instead, Yontef simply pondered on his podcast what it would take for Vanderpump to return – it wasn’t gospel. But the comment took on a life of its own, likely leaving Vanderpump to wonder what was happening. Yontef spoke exclusively to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the comment that went viral and how it got twisted and misreported. He also mused about a RHOBH future with Vanderpump and why he thinks her return would be pretty epic.

How did the comment that Lisa Vanderpump would return for $2 million get misreported?

Yontef dished about RHOBH with former cast member Kathryn Edwards on his podcast, which was when they pondered what it would take to get Vanderpump to return. Neither Edwards nor Yontef has any “insider” information, but they were merely exploring a scenario where Vanderpump would return. That’s when Yontef, who has a rich history with the Housewives franchise, said it would have to be something like $2 million for Vanderpump to return.

David Yontef sets the record straight about where the remark came from that Lisa Vanderpump would return to RHOBH for $2 million
David Yontef sets the record straight about where the remark came from that Lisa Vanderpump would return to RHOBH for $2 million | Photo credit courtesy of David Yontef

He explained his rationale to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “The salaries that are out there and reported about what everyone’s making,” he said. “I think the [$1 million] that everyone’s making is kind of average or almost average for Beverly Hills. It’s out there at Erika [Jayne] makes $600,000. And you look at Kyle who has been there longer, I would think Kyle is in the [$1 million range]. So Lisa, coming back it’s like you are coming back to a major thing. And it’s Lisa Vanderpump.”

What could it take to get her to return?

Yontef also wondered if Vanderpump Rules ever ended, could Vanderpump return to RHOBH? He thinks maybe, but it will take the right number for any kind of return. “I think if Vanderpump Rules doesn’t come back after this season, I don’t think it’s the strangest thing to think that Lisa really would be back,” he said. “And you can say you won’t be back. You can say you won’t film with these people.”

“And you can say a whole bunch of things,” he added. “But when there’s an offer in front of you, that’s a substantial amount of money, whether you need it or not. Being told you are being brought back to [add new life] to the show, I think it’s money, plus ego. When the offer is in front of you, it’s really hard to turn it down, no matter how much money you have.”

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Vanderpump ended up addressing the rumor on Twitter. “What utter nonsense….I have asked for no such thing lol…mo conversation regarding ‘that’ at all. Filming something fun today,” she replied to a tweet that she was reportedly returning for $2 million.

Kathryn Edwards could see Lisa Vanderpump return someday

And while it was Yontef who pondered what price it would take to bring Vanderpump back, Edwards said she could also see her return to the show. “I could see LVP coming back,” Edwards said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. She added, “I really could. I could, I mean, it might not be, you know, in the one or two seasons, if the show is still going, that would be the way to pick it up.”

“I mean, listen, I don’t know anything,” she asserted. “So I don’t know, but I would bet the farm that she would [return]. She’d come back in her glory. Kyle would still be there. Her and Kyle will somehow makeup and it’ll be okay for a little bit. And that’ll be like the end until it rides off into the sunset.”

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