‘RHOBH’: Teddi Mellencamp Apologizes to Lisa Vanderpump – ‘I Never Meant to Hurt LVP’

After being dragged for her comments about how The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast did not give Lisa Vanderpump grace after her brother’s death, Teddi Mellencamp said she’s sorry.

What did Teddi say about Lisa Vanderpump?

Mellencamp and Two T’s in a Pod podcast host Tamra Judge recapped the anger and grief Lisa Rinna endured on a recent episode of RHOBH after her mother had died. Rinna lashed out at Sutton Stracke during a dinner party, which led the hosts to discuss how people deal with grief. Mellencamp reflected on how close Rinna was to her mother, which led her to recall how the cast reacted to Vanderpump after her brother’s death.

 Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp from 'RHOBH' sit and talk holding champagne glasses
Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp | Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Mellencamp’s comment that Vanderpump didn’t seem close to her brother because she never talked about him set fire across the fandom. Some fans were very angry about the remark because Vanderpump was extremely upset over her brother’s death. Mellencamp later said she even received death threats.

“So after this morning’s online attacks, death threats, you know, the works,” Mellencamp said on her Instagram story. “Exactly what LVP wanted to happen, is happening. I called my producers and asked what exactly did I say?”

“Their words, not mine, you actually kinda trolled yourself,” she added. “And you said after the season with LVP, where I did not know that she had a brother, and I watched back that she was grieving, I am unable to comment on somebody’s grief other than it is hard to say it is OK to hurt others when you are grieving.”

Teddi Mellencamp apologized to Lisa Vanderpump (on her podcast)

Mellencamp addressed her comments about Vanderpump on the latest podcast. “For weeks, there had been endless chatter and comments about how LVP was treated during season nine and the loss of her brother versus this season of Beverly Hills and Rinna dealing with the loss of her mom,” Mellencamp said.

“I made some comments on this podcast to give some clarity and perspective of the women then versus now, and also mentioned how I now would have reacted differently if I could go back,” she continued. “I had no intention of trying to hurt LVP. When I said nobody knew she had a brother I meant because she never spoke about him to the group before his passing. While I met no ill intent with my words, I realize grief is a delicate thing. And I, nor anybody, can determine or dictate how anybody should react. So I truly apologize.”

Lisa has yet to respond to Teddi’s apology

Vanderpump hasn’t reacted to the apology but wasn’t happy when talk about her brother came up on the podcast. A few fans posted a moment that Vanderpump and Mellencamp shared on Vanderpump Rules when Vanderpump spoke about her brother and his death.

Vanderpump retweeted a few of the videos and added, “It’s hard for me to watch…yes she knew…she came on to Pump Rules…” Another fan tweeted about the remarks made on the podcast. Vanderpump replied, “I agree…keep my brother’s name out of your mouth.”

Some fans wondered what Judge thought about the comments. Judge tried to stay out of the mess. “I don’t know the backstory of what happened during that season of #RHOBH, I was just stating I remember the passing of her brother,” Judge replied. “I love you LisaVanderpump and am sorry for your loss.” Vanderpump replied with a heart and praying hands emoji.