RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Reveals if a ‘Housewives’ Reunion or ‘Halloween Kills’ Is More Terrifying

Article Highlights:

  • Kyle Richards reveals if a RHOBH reunion or filming Halloween Kills is more terrifying
  • Did filming the original Halloween contribute to Kyle Richards’ anxiety?
  • Kyle Richards revealed how she felt about having to cut her bangs for the role of Lindsay Wallace

Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills struggled to decide if facing the firing squad at a RHOBH reunion or filming Halloween Kills was more terrifying. Richards found herself in the hot seat on more than one occasion at a reunion, but then again, she’s being pursued by a psychotic murderer in the newest installment of the enduring horror franchise Halloween.

Is filming a ‘RHOBH’ reunion scarier than being in ‘Halloween Kills’?

Apparently being grilled by executive producer Andy Cohen at a reunion is a match with being stalked by Michael Meyers. “That is a very hard question to answer!” she laughed when E! host Justin Sylvester asked her which was more terrifying. “I mean I don’t know, it’s a toss-up, let me tell you.”

Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards attend the Universal Pictures' Halloween premiere in 2018
Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards attend the Universal Pictures’ Halloween premiere in 2018 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Michael Meyers isn’t Richards’ only problem this fall. Apparently, an unnamed source told Daily Mail that Erika Jayne is coming for Richards at the RHOBH reunion and it’s going to get ugly. “Erika is also disappointed and shocked with how Kyle Richards has turned on her and now realizes the warning Lisa Vanderpump gave her about Kyle was true,” the source shared. “Erika knows that Kyle has two faces both literally and figuratively.” Of course, Richards isn’t Jayne’s only target. The source shared that Jayne has a beef with nearly every cast member except Lisa Rinna.

Does Kyle Richards have anxiety today because she filmed the original ‘Halloween’?

Richards appeared in the original 1978 Halloween, playing little Lindsay Wallace. She escaped Michael Meyers’ clutches during the original version, but she may not be so lucky this time. She reprised her role as the adult version of her character and said being involved with the franchise may be why she has so much anxiety today.

“As a little girl, when I did the original, I wasn’t [scared] because I didn’t realize what I was making,” she told E!. “But this was actually scary. He is a terrifying image to look at anyways, and we were filming nights too.” Richards appears in the Halloween Kills trailer, and the scene was filmed at 3 a.m. in a park. She added, “Then I may have had to get into a swamp that potentially could have alligators, so that was not fun.” 

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“As a little girl, when we went to the premiere, I didn’t see it all put together,” she recalled. “My mom said, ‘Oh, you can invite a friend,’ so I took my best friend in second grade. We both ended up sleeping with our moms until we were 15 years old!”

Adding, “People wonder why I have anxiety nowadays. It’s because of too many horror films!”

What was another ‘terrifying’ aspect of making ‘Halloween Kills’ for Kyle Richards?

Another aspect that gave Richards the creeps was having to cut her signature brunette mane. “When I was eight years old, I played Lindsey Wallace in the original Halloween,” Richards shared in a confessional during RHOBH Season 10. “So it was really exciting when they asked me to reprise my role in the new Halloween.”

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“But cutting my hair was the director’s idea,” she reflected. “Because these bangs are not a good look for me!”  The bangs are on full display in the film and they grew out in time for the explosive RHOBH Season 11 reunion.

Halloween Kills premieres in theaters and on Peacock on Friday, Oct. 15. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.