‘RHOC’: Emily Simpson Reacts to Kelly Dodd’s Claims That Braunwyn Is Faking Sobriety

Braunwyn Windham-Burke of The Real Housewives of Orange County has been dealing with a lot of personal issues on the Bravo series. The reality TV personality confessed in season 15 that she is battling her addiction to alcohol. However, her co-star Kelly Dodd has come out and said she doesn’t believe her claims and is only doing it for a storyline. Emily Simpson has recently given her take on the whole drama.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Emily Simpson
Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Emily Simpson | Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Why does Kelly Dodd think Braunwyn Windham-Burke is being fake?

For RHOC viewers, it’s clear Windham-Burke and Dodd ended up on bad terms following the filming of season 15. Both Bravo stars have traded jabs back and forth on social media. Windham-Burke recently said that she believes Dodd and Simpson unfollowed her from social media because they are Trump supporters.

“I don’t know why [they unfollowed me], but that’s weird,” she said on the Getting Real with The Real Housewives podcast. “I have a guess. Emily [Simpson] and Kelly [Dodd] are both very conservative. They’re both Trump supporters [and] I am very vocal on my Instagram about what my beliefs are and I understand that a lot of people don’t like that.”

Windham-Burke said that when they last saw each other for the season 15 finale, they were all fine. However, things have not been smooth within the cast. Dodd has even accused Windham-Burke of faking storylines to score a spinoff show.

“I think her whole sobriety thing is contrived and I think it’s fake,” Dodd said. “I know her well enough that this was a pre-plotted thing that she wanted to do to get her own show. She already had this planned, she wanted to get her own show. Her talent agent told her to stop drinking… it’s all contrived. I don’t believe she is a real alcoholic.”

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What is Emily Simpson’s take on Kelly Dodd’s claims?

Simpson, who is also at odds with Windham-Burke, recently made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen wasted no time in getting Simpson to spill the tea on Dodd’s past remarks about their co-star.

“I kind of agree with that,” Simpson answered. “I’ve had this conversation with Gina and she said, ‘Even if it’s for a storyline, at least she’s getting sober.’ That made me realize the end result is really what matters and not her intention. I try to focus on that part.”

Cohen tried to press Simpson a little more as her first part of the answer was that she, in fact, believed Windham-Burke was making it all up for show purposes.

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“I don’t doubt the sincerity of her journey, I doubt the timing of her journey,” Simpson added. “That’s the part that makes me skeptical. Whatever gets her to the end result that makes her a better person, whatever makes her healthier, that’s irrelevant, that’s what I need to not focus on, but the end result. And not Why she’s doing it.”

Clearly, Simpson doesn’t believe in Windham-Burker’s intentions, but she is happy for her as a person for overcoming her addictions.

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