‘RHOC’: Heather Dubrow Reveals Max and Nick Have Relationships With Some of the Women This Season (Exclusive)

Heather Dubrow shared that her teenage children, especially Max and Nick play a bigger role on The Real Housewives of Orange County this season. Adding that her children played a big part in her decision to return to the show after a five-year hiatus.

“Max and Nicky, definitely,” Dubrow told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that her 18-year-old twins will have a storyline with some of the women. The trailer teased that newcomer Noella Bergener connected with Max Dubrow, sharing that she too is bi-sexual. Later Dubrow looks furious at dinner revealing that possibly Bergener gave her daughter pornography.

Do the Dubrow children play a bigger role in ‘RHOC’ this season?

Dubrow confirmed that the twins form a relationship with some of the women. “Definitely Max and Nicky have relationships with some of the women on the show,” she revealed.

Gina Kirschenheiter, Noella Bergener, Heather Dubrow from RHOC
Gina Kirschenheiter, Noella Bergener, Heather Dubrow from RHOC | Nicole Weingart/Bravo

While Dubrow did not specify how her two oldest children would be included in the RHOC storyline, but it appears that daughter Max and Bergener have a moment.

Max hosts a podcast, I’ll Give it to You Straightish. Described as “A 16-year-old “Jewish” girl at a strictly Catholic high school who recently came out as bi. She shares her perspective as a teenager living in a world with technology and tracking devices as well as her theories and opinions on subjects such as time travel and high school.”

And although Kelly Dodd is no longer on the show, she publicly accused Dubrow’s son Nick of giving her coronavirus (Covid-9). She attended a party where Dubrow’s son and his friends were in attendance. Dodd later apologized saying she was joking.

She would not return to the show without it being a family decision

Dubrow shared that she would only return to the show if her entire family was on board. “We talked about it. It was definitely a family meeting before we started,” she said.

“But you know, they haven’t been completely out of the limelight for the last five years,” Dubrow continued. “Of course, there was Botched and that they’ve made appearances on. And other TV projects that we’ve done throughout the years and some of which they’ve been a part of. And I’m always filming something. Terry’s always filming something. So there’s always cameras around. It’s very normal for them. I know it’s so abnormal, but kind of normal.”

“But it was a conversation,” she added. “Because I said, ‘Look, when we were on the show last time, it was about me with these girls and you guys are kind of in the background. But you are my personal story. And so, you know, not only do I need your support to do it, but you have to be OK with being a bigger part of the show.’ And they all said, ‘Yeah.'”

Heather Dubrow’s son had a magic moment that likely didn’t make it on this season

And while a recent special moment may not have made it on the season, Dubrow shared a sweet video of her son Nick receiving news of his college acceptance. Dubrow and Max stood by while Nick clicked the link on the computer – and found out he was granted early admission to Loloya Marymount University.

“He was scared,” Dubrow recalled. “So they [Nick and twin sister Max] each applied to one school early decision. So that’s binding. And you know, you put all your eggs in this big basket. And so we thought that they were going to find out around mid-December, that was kind of when everyone was told.”

“Then we had talked about filming it, and Nicky didn’t know that was a thing until like a few weeks ago,” she added. “He was like, OK, OK, OK. And then oh my God, he was so nervous. I actually edited that because it took a few minutes for him to wanna open it. And so what happens is when you click the button, if you get in, you see confetti. Yeah, and it’s just the sweetest thing.”

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