‘RHOC’: Jeana Keough Shares Her Family Is Suffering After the Death of Her Grandson and Ex-Husband Matt Keough

Jeana Keough from The Real Housewives of Orange County said her family is trying their best to navigate the extreme grief of losing both her newborn grandson and ex-husband within the span of only a few weeks.

Jeana Keough
Jeana Keough | JB Lacroix/ WireImage

Keough’s daughter Kara Bosworth, who viewers saw growing up on the show, gave birth to a son on April 6. Her son McCoy died six days later after experiencing shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord during birth. But then weeks later, on May 1, Bosworth’s father Matt Keough died.

Viewers also saw the Keough’s tumultuous marriage play out and the couple ultimately divorced. Keough left the series after five seasons, returning as a “friend” and a “guest” throughout the years.

The family is trying to find a ‘new normal’

Keough spoke with Hollywood Life about how the family is coping with two devastating losses in a short period of time. She talked especially about losing her newborn grandson, sharing they are “taking it badly” and “suffering” and trying to find “a new normal.” 

She added that Bosworth has reached out for support too. “She’s reached out to a lot of friends. She’s reached out to people who’ve lost children,” Keough said. “Morgan Beck, Bode Miller‘s wife, lost a baby, an 18-month-old to a swimming accident. She and Kara were close throughout all of that and Morgan was one of the first to reach out to her this time. And a lot of women that have lost children for different reasons have reached out to her. So that’s been great.”

She also revealed that her ex-husband died from a pulmonary embolism.  “You know what to lose a grandchild and an ex-husband in less than three weeks — it’s been rough,” Keough admitted.

Kara Bosworth marked an emotional milestone

Recently Bosworth shared that her son would be turning one month old. She posted a photo of her husband and child on Instagram, exploring the normal milestones he would be hitting at this point.

“You would have been 1 month old today,” she began her post. “Your baby acne would be gearing up. You would be getting the hang of pacifiers, sorting out your days and nights, and figuring out how to focus your eyes without them involuntarily crossing. I would have already bought a complete boy’s wardrobe since Decker’s old clothes weren’t really as unisex as I thought.”

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Welcome home, baby boy

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“Your dad would be insisting that babies don’t need shoes, but he’d change his mind when he saw the little kicks paired with your chubby cankles,” she continued. “You’d be taking your first naps in the crib, and I’d be fussing about “the schedule.” I’d be realizing that you, just like your sister, prefer Lefty and I’d be pumping Righty to try to bring ‘er up to speed. Decker would want to be holding you all the time, but you’d prefer to be spending your day wrapped around my chest. At least that much is still how it is, my sweet Mack. Decker still wishes she could hold you more. And I still wear you on my heart all day. We miss you like crazy, baby.”