‘RHOC’ Season 1 Lauri Peterson’s Daughter Wants to Be Legacy Housewife – Doesn’t Speak to Brother Josh Waring

Lauri Peterson’s daughter Ashley Zarlin, seen on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 1 said she’s ready to become the first legacy RHOC Housewife.

The RHOC Season 1 OG kid recently appeared as a bartender on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which is when she said she’s ready to step into Housewives heels. Zarlin also addressed her current relationship with brother Josh Waring, who was released from prison in 2020.

Ashley Zarlin first ‘RHOC’ Season 1 legacy?

Zarlin, who was 21 years old when RHOC Season 1 premiered in 2006 said she is in awe that the series has endured. “I can’t believe it, we started it all,” she remarked during the WWHL After Show. “It’s so crazy to see how big it’s gotten.”

“I’m still waiting for the opportunity to be the first legacy Housewife, Andy,” she said to host Andy Cohen.

Ashley Zarlin and Lauri Peterson from 'RHOC' smile for a photo at an event in 2013
 Ashley Zarlin and Lauri Peterson |Amy Graves/WireImage

“I know, people always talk about Kara Keough,” Cohen replied, referring to another RHOC Season 1 OG kid, Jeana Keough’s daughter.

“Kara and I together would be amazing,” Zarlin replied as Cohen smiled.

She also shared on Instagram that Cohen said, “Manifestations are known to become true in the clubhouse. First legacy housewife coming your way…I mean, it’s in my blood,” she captioned a photo from the Clubhouse with Cohen.

Is Lauri Peterson from ‘RHOC’ into her daughter joining the show?

Zarlin, now 37 could be into becoming an RHOC Season 1 legacy, but her mom doesn’t seem quite ready for her kids to return to reality TV. “Oh jeez!” Peterson replied on Zarlin’s post about becoming a Housewife.

When Zarlin told her mother to “buckle up” Peterson replied, “Who are you and what did you do with my Ashley!”

Keough, now Kara Bosworth is married and mother of two children. Nearly two years ago, Bosworth gave birth to a baby boy who died shortly after birth.

What happened to brother Josh Waring?

Earlier in the broadcast, Zarlin talked about Waring and said she is not in touch with him. “No, not any recent updates,” she said regarding news about Waring. “I kind of put a little distance there. But obviously, I always hope he’s healthy and doing well. And trying to get better. So fingers crossed for that.”

When viewers met Waring on RHOC Season 1, they were introduced to a troubled child. Waring dealt with drug addiction and Peterson was endlessly facing court hearings and bailing her son out of trouble. Waring’s addiction was one reason why Peterson ended up stepping away from the series.

In recent years, Waring was incarcerated after someone was shot during a botched drug deal. Waring insisted he was not involved in the shooting and that he was set up. Shortly before he was about to go to trial in 2020, he took a plea deal. Waring revealed he was brutalized in prison and couldn’t fight any longer. He was released in March 2020.

“We are just ecstatic to have him out of the system,” Peterson told the OC Register in May 2020. “He has been through so much. There will be a long recovery process.” She added, “Josh is very bright, he is very capable. Unfortunately, drugs took him at a very young age.”

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