‘RHOC’: Shannon Beador and John Janssen Won’t Last Forever, Jeff Lewis Shocks ‘WWHL’ Viewers

Jeff Lews cringed but said he didn’t think close friend Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County and boyfriend John Janssen would last forever.

Lewis appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen which was he was asked for his opinion on Beador and Janssen’s relationship. He could have passed on the question but closed his eyes and said, “No I don’t,” about if the couple would last.

Shannon Beador said she and John Janssen are happy and aren’t rushing into marriage

Host Andy Cohen and the WWHL audience looked shocked. Lewis took a sip of his drink and the conversation moved on before Lewis could go any further.

John Janssen, Shannon Beador laugh in the kitchen on 'RHOC'
John Janssen, Shannon Beador | Casey Durkin/Bravo

Why would Lewis have that opinion? One clue could have been dropped during the RHOC Season 16 reunion. During Beador’s video montage, Beador whispered that Janssen wasn’t happy about having their sex life on display. “Oh yeah… he wasn’t happy,” she is heard saying (via Bravo).

But she later addressed questions of marriage. “We do talk about it, but it’s not something that we need to rush to do,” she said. “We’re happy. I have two kids that are gonna be home for another year and a half, so I’m not doing anything right now. He knows that.”

The ‘RHOC’ couple recently celebrated 3 years together

The remark Lewis made about Janssen and Beador doesn’t seem to have anything to do with any negative feelings he has about Janssen. Lewis made a surprise WWHL appearance when Beador was on the show and he gestured to Janssen who was in the audience, referring to him as his “drinking buddy.” Lewis then added, “I love John Janssen, are you kidding? He’s great.”

Beador and Janssen also marked their three-year anniversary in June. “Three years ago today John Janssen and I had our first date and I sang karaoke for the first time! It seems like yesterday, yet I can’t imagine life without you! Happy three years sweetheart!” Beador shared on Instagram.  

But Beador typically tries to keep her private life private. She’s a frequent guest on Lewis’s radio show, but fans have observed how she goes out of her way to avoid spilling too much. “Shannon tries to be too politically correct and censors herself in her responses. Boring guest. She is dull,” one fan wrote on an Instagram photo Lewis posted with Beador.

Another person added, “I noticed this too. She’s VERY hesitant to speak at all.”

Shannon and John fought quite a bit during the pandemic, Gina observed

So Lewis likely knows a lot more than what fans have seen. But Janssen and Beador had some tense moments on and off RHOC. When the pandemic struck and Beador went into panic mode, RHOC cast member Gina Kirschenheiter observed that Beador and Janssen fought a lot.

“We’ve all been getting phone calls from Shannon regarding John, right? And we’re concerned for her,” Kirschenheiter said to Emily Simpon on last season’s RHOC (via People). “It sounds like something bad is going on there.”

“It just seems like Shannon and John are fighting a lot,” she continued. “Seems like they’re not treating each other the way they should be treating each other.”

Later, Beador admitted she took out her fear and aggression on Janssen, sharing that they came out of it stronger than ever. “What I’ve learned about John throughout all of this is that he’s committed,” she shared in a confessional. “You can have a really horrible situation and he’s going to see the positive in it. And it makes me feel loved; it makes me feel wanted.”

So what is really going on between Shannon Beador and John Janssen? There’s a good chance she won’t share any insight. But maybe Jeff Lewis will go a little further on his radio show.

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