‘RHOC’: Tamra Finally Gets to Confirm Her Triumphant Return – Thanks Andy Cohen for Firing Her

Andy Cohen acted shocked as Tamra Judge strutted on stage during Watch What Happens Live to claim her orange – and her return – to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Of course, Cohen’s shock was pure theater, especially after Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York City spilled about Judge’s return on Instagram. But now Judge is confirming the news herself and maybe a new tagline.

“The judge is back and drama is in session,” she said holding her orange while wearing a lilac print skintight jumpsuit. Cohen rose from his seat and proclaimed, “Ladies and gentlemen it’s true. Tamra Judge is returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County!”

Tamra Judge says she’s back to ‘RHOC’ and better than ever

During the WWHL After Show, Cohen asked Judge if she felt more energized returning after a break. “A totally different perspective,” she replied. “I think being off for two years is probably the best thing you could have done to me,” she added with a nervous laugh. “Even though I didn’t like it!

Tamra Judge from 'RHOC' doing press for 'RHUGT'
Tamra Judge |Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Cohen looked surprised and asked Judge why the break was good. “Because I was on the show for 12 years,” she explained. “When you are on that long, you become a professional ‘Housewife.’ And then once you’re off of it, you’re like, oh, ouch … I did that? You live your life and you go on living your normal life. And then you come back and you’re like, ‘I was kinda an a**hole.’ So you come back with a different perspective.”

She thanked Andy Cohen for firing her from ‘RHOC’

Judge added, “I saw that [different perspecitve] when I filmed Ultimate Girls Trip.” Cohen said he could tell that Judge’s energy was a little calmer on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives. Cohen also said that during the early seasons of RHOC, they wanted the cast to get a break and live their lives.

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“We didn’t want to start shooting too quickly,” he said. “So we could see what had happened to you. So I do think when you come back it will be fun to see where your life is …”

“Things are gonna be totally different,” Judge asserted. “The kids are older.” She then joked, ‘So thank you for firing me.”

Jill Zarin was in the hot seat for spilling about Tamra Judge’s return to ‘RHOC’

Cohen laughed, “There was a lot of drama concerning your announcement and I’m glad we were able to do it tonight.”

“Ugh thank you, Jill Zarin!” Judge said.

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Zarin casually mentioned that Judge was returning to RHOC on Instagram when rumors began to leak about her return. Judge saw the Instagram video Zarin made and was furious because she wanted to be the one to announce that she was coming back to RHOC.

Judge tweeted, “Go f*** yourself @JillZarin! You thirsty b****!” along with a video captioned, “I have an announcement.”

Later, Zarin made another video expressing her shock over Judge’s reaction. “I use an expression often, breaking news but it doesn’t mean that there’s anything breaking that wasn’t broken to me,” Zarin said. “And I have read online that Vicki was not coming back and Tamra was. And I said that. I just repeated what I had read. I don’t have any inside information. Nobody talks to me at Bravo. I know absolutely nothing.”

“You wanted this and I’m happy for you!” Zarin exclaimed. “Why is there any animosity? Anyway, we’re gonna have to straighten that one out. But congratulations anyway.”

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