‘RHOC’: Are Tamra Judge’s Sons Still Fighting Over Politics?

Tamra Judge is part of The Real Housewives of Orange County and has had drama on the show not just with the other ladies, but with her sons as well. During the season premiere of RHOC on Bravo, Judge revealed that Ryan Vieth and Spencer Barney had opposing political views that led to them feuding and creating a hostile environment.

Tamra Judge
Tamra Judge from ‘RHOC’ | Raymond Hall/GC Images

Why Are Tamra Judge’s Sons Arguing About?

It’s not a secret that Judge’s son Ryan is a Donald Trump supported which has already landed him in controversies of his own, but the more serious part of it is that his own brother Spencer does not agree with him. The latter is not someone that is in line with the current White House resident, which led to both boys to have a serious argument.

After the revelation of the feud, Judge talked to Us Weekly where she said that her sons have talked things through.

“[Things are] much better [now],” Judge told the publication. “It got really heated right before we started filming. That’s when all that happened … They’re total opposites when it comes to politics.”

Delving in deeper on the resolution, Judge made an appearance on Bravo’s podcast The Daily Dish where she says that their issues are resolved during the RHOC season.

“You’ll actually see them this season working out their differences,” Judge said. “There’s just a new rule: They’re not allowed to talk about politics and they don’t follow each other on social media.”

The situation was difficult for Judge to see but she shared the following advice to parents: “It’s tough because I’m not into politics. So it’s really weird to have two kids who are just extreme, strong believers and they talk about it all the time. Spencer’s been talking about politics since he was about 5, so it’s just something that’s in him. He loves politics, history. Ryan never really was into politics until recently with Trump. It’s hard; I can’t give anybody advice… what can you do?”

Ryan Has His Own Personal Drama To Figure Out

Judge’s son Ryan is also embroiled in a nasty custody battle that has gotten out of control. The ordeal started playing on social media soon after Ryan’s ex, Sarah Rodriguez, shared screenshots of a conversation they had.

“You talked sh** about my daughter several times today. She is a child. You are supposed to be a grown up,” Sarah wrote in a text she shared in a now-deleted Instagram post. “And she acts like a little b*** just like you, Ryan replied.

Days later, Sarah alleged that the RHOC housewife ambushed her: “So I just got ambushed by Tamra and her mom at my door. She recorded me without my knowledge which is illegal and now she is going to take me to court to get Ava taken away from me.”

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Ryan then shared a video on social media where he is seen outside of Sarah’s home to pick up his daughter. He was unable to see her because cops were at the location preventing him from approaching.

“She wants to play the game because she’s mad because I posted stuff about her? She’s using my daughter as leverage… I’d call that child abuse,” he added. “All I wanted to do was pick up my daughter on my day off like I always do… The only one that suffers is my daughter.”

Things were so heated that Ryan also posted a message to fans where he announced he was no longer going to appear on the Bravo show.

“Let me tell everybody something, there’s always two sides to every story. I keep my mouth shut for my daughters sake and because I like to keep my life as private as I can. I don’t play the media for sympathy. For everyone that wants to judge me for the chaos that was created yesterday please feel free to contact me. There’s a lot about our life that people don’t know and I’m here to set the record straight,” Ryan wrote on his Instagram Stories.

He then added: “And for the Bravo fans, this season is my last. I will never be [a part] of this show, the money isn’t worth having all this chaos around my daughter. I am a very simple person and my life isn’t worth talking about.”.