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Sure, Tamra Judge didn’t love that Vicki Gunvalson said the only reason she was asked back to The Real Housewives of Orange County was that she’ll show her breasts on camera and she won’t.

But what really “lowkey pissed” Judge off was the fact that Gunvalson was trying to rationalize why Judge was asked back and she wasn’t. “We’re both individual people,” Gunvalson said on E! Daily Pop. “She’ll show her t**s, I won’t. But beyond that … There’s obviously something that Bravo doesn’t like about me and so I had to accept it.”

Judge wasn’t amused when she heard the soundbite and hasn’t addressed it with Gunvalson – yet.

Does Vicki’s assertion even make sense about ‘RHOC’?

Judge laughed off the comment but said it was pretty surprising. “Well, evidently, Vicki went on a podcast recently and said, why did she not get us back? And I did. And it must be because I’ll show my t**s,” she said on her Two T’s in a Pod podcast.

Vicki Gunvalson looks off in the distance and Tamra Judge grabs her head while sitting at 'WWHL'
Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge |Charles Sykes/Bravo

She joked about how comedian Heather McDonald mused about how the executives thought the show really needed a 54-year-old woman to flash the cameras. And while Judge laughed about the remark, she thinks Gunvalson was being pretty serious about her assertion. “I think she was just being a matter of fact, like, oh, Tamra will show her t**s and I won’t. So that’s why she probably got hired,” she recalled.

Tamra wondered why she would even question her return to ‘RHOC’

Judge added, “It was just such a weird thing to say.” Judge and Gunvalson have texted since Gunvalson’s remark but they haven’t talked about the comment.

But what seemed to annoy Judge more was the fact that Gunvalson seemed to rationalize why Judge was asked to return to RHOC and she wasn’t. “And things like this, when she says stuff like this, I really just ignore it,” Judge said. “Because what am I gonna say? Like, ‘Why would you say that?’ She’s going to say things like that. And quite honestly, I’m not going to react to them. I mean, I couldn’t imagine if she got hired back and I didn’t, I’d be like, ‘So why did she get hired back?'”

Two T’s in a Pod co-host Teddi Mellencamp said the remark about how Judge would expose herself was odd for Gunvalson to make that the big reason Judge was asked to return.

Tamra Judge was ‘lowkey pissed’ at Vicki about the comment

Judge then admitted she was a little steamed that Gunvalson, who is her close friend, even went there. “It’s not a good one. It’s kind of a bulls*** one,” Judge said. “I mean, it lowkey pissed me off, but it’s not worth a fight. It’s really not worth a fight. What am I gonna be like, ‘Really? That’s what you have to say,’ you know? She said it. It’s over with. You can’t take it back. OK? Note taken. You got to pick your battles with these things.”


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Another reason Gunvalson may have been frustrated was that Taylor Armstrong was asked to join RHOC. Gunvalson appeared on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club alongside Armstrong and Judge. Armstrong was originally on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now crossed over to RHOC. So Gunvalson admitted to having a bit of fear of missing out (FOMO).

“Of course, I’m excited for her. I would be a bad friend if I wasn’t,” Gunavlson said about Judge. “She thinks that I wasn’t supporting her enough by going back on. That’s not the case.”

“Yes, I have FOMO,” she admitted. I’m like any other woman that would be feeling that way,” she added. “I’m also, now … it’s been three or four weeks later that she called me and told me she’s going back on. The main thing I did was cry. I mean, I was like, ‘I didn’t get the call [to come back].'”

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