‘RHOD’ Kameron Westcott Revealed the Story Behind Her Country Club Comments

RHOD star Kameron Westcott claimed she “put in a good word” for Stephanie Hollman’s husband, Travis when a country club member called her about him.

Travis almost immediately responded, and explained he is already a part of a country club, but “just hearing you say that cracks me up.” After Travis came for Westcott again, she revealed the real story behind her country club comments.

Kameron Westcott
Kameron Westcott | Charles Sykes

‘RHOD’ Kameron Westcott blocked Stephanie Hollman

During a trip to newcomer Kary Brittingham’s Careyes, Mexico, home, Kameron Westcott and Stephanie Hollman roomed together. Westcott thought they were strengthening their bond and claimed Hollman hurt her by confiding in Brittingham during the trip instead of her.

Hollman also became annoyed with Westcott for calling her best friend, Brandi Redmond, “trashy” for a second time. When the ladies returned to the states, they met for lunch and attempted to resolve their issues.


However, Hollman referred to her relationship with Westcott as “surface-level,” which hurt the California-native’s feelings, and she stormed out of the restaurant without letting the housewife fully explain herself.

The women didn’t talk much for the rest of the season, and Hollman did an interview where she called Westcott a “bully.” The 36-year-old did not take kindly to the label and subsequently blocked Hollman on all social media platforms.

Kameron Westcott claimed she helped Travis Hollman get into a country club

During Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, Andy Cohen asked Westcott how Hollman’s “surface-level” comments made her feel. The California-native explained she felt the mother-of-two called her a “surface friend,” making her feel like a “dumb blonde.”

She also pointed out she didn’t appreciate the “bully” accusation. Hollman clarified her surface comment and explained she was only referring to their relationship, not Westcott as a person.

The mother-of-two also doubled down on her bully statement and said it’s the way Westcott treats her and talks down to her. The 36-year-old explained Hollman’s comments upset her because a country club member called her and Westcott “put in a good word” for her husband, Travis.

However, the California-native admitted she regretted it once she heard Travis calling her an “elitist” during an RHOD episode. Hollman looked confused at Westcott’s bombshell and claimed she never heard of that, especially as they are already in another country club.

‘RHOD’ Kameron Westcott revealed what really happened with the country club

After the reunion, Travis responded to Westcott on Twitter, writing, “Thank you, Kam, for getting me into the country club. Since you are not a member of my club, it probably meant a lot to everyone who does not know you to have your blessing. Just hearing you say that cracks me up.”

Westcott didn’t respond until a little over a week later on Instagram when Travis accused her of “buying votes” to win a Real Housewives Twitter poll over his wife.

First, she accused him of purchasing followers, and also denied any involvement with the survey. She then explained her country club remarks. “Members of that club reached out to me and said we heard Travis was a douche and a tool.

I had the opportunity to speak poorly, but I chose to take the high road, but no good deed goes unpunished.” Westcott ended her caption by advising Travis to “lay off social media attacking other people’s wives!”

While some fans supported her for standing up for herself, others criticized the 36-year-old for “not keeping it classy.” Westcott admitted they were right, responding to one user, “I’m human, and I crack too!”