‘RHOD’ Star Leeanne Locken Says Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond ‘Aren’t Who You Think They Are’

Former pageant beauty LeeAnne Locken has been at the center of almost all the drama throughout the first four seasons. Even though she seemed to fix her relationships with Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond, they ended on a sour note due to Locken’s controversial statements about Kary Brittingham. In a recent Instagram Live, the former pageant beauty claimed the two friends “aren’t who you think they are.”

Brandi Redmond Stephanie Hollman LeeAnne Locken
Brandi Redmond, LeeAnne Locken, Stephanie Hollman | Heidi Gutman

LeeAnne Locken got into several arguments on ‘RHOD’

Original housewife LeeAnne Locken has argued with nearly all of her co-stars at some point in the first four seasons. In Season 1, she and Brandi Redmond bumped heads as she found the former NFL cheerleader’s behavior inappropriate, especially while drunk.

The two then got into an argument after Locken attempted to “warn” co-star and Redmond’s best friend, Stephanie Hollman, about how the original housewife’s actions could rub off on her.

Locken and Redmond then became close in between the first season and the second as the former cheerleader had a huge fallout with Hollman. However, the longtime friends repaired their relationship in Season 2, and Redmond stopped hanging out with Locken as much, upsetting the former pageant beauty.

Locken also got into it with Cary Deuber when she repeated a rumor that Mark Deuber received sexual favors from men at a gay club. In Season 3, Locken’s close friend D’Andra Simmons joined the cast, and Hollman tried to restore her relationship with the Infinity Dress creator by opening up about her past.

However, she and Simmons fell out because the former pageant beauty called her friend and Redmond alcoholics, and the Hard Night Good Morning owner implied Locken’s fiancé cheated on her.

LeeAnne Locken left ‘RHOD’ after four seasons

In Season 4, the Infinity Dress creator had no relationships with any of her co-stars besides Kameron Westcott, who the other women jokingly referred to as Locken’s “puppet.”

Additionally, she did not see eye to eye with the newest housewife Kary Brittingham and mocked her in ways many perceived as racist. While Locken gave several excuses for her words when the Mexican-native confronted her, and in her confessionals, she finally apologized at the reunion.

A few weeks before the scheduled beginning filming date for Season 5, before coronavirus (COVID-19) delayed production, Locken announced she would not return to the Bravo reality series.

According to the original housewife’s original statement, she wanted to leave to focus on her charity endeavors. The former pageant beauty has since replied to several users and offered many other explanations for her departure, while Deuber claims Bravo fired Locken.

LeeAnne Locken threw shade at Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond

While doing a Question and Answer session in a May 2020 Instagram Live, someone asked if she remained friends with any of her co-stars besides Westcott.

The Infinity Dress creator quickly answered, “no,” and then explained she is no longer friendly with them because Hollman and Redmond “aren’t you think they are.”

When it came to ex-friend Simmons, the former pageant beauty said, “not now.” An RHOD Instagram “tea page” shared a clip of Locken’s answers, and the former pageant beauty responded to fans in the comment section who came for her.

One user accused the Infinity Dress creator of “trying to stay relevant” and having her “camp” attack Simmons last week. Locken replied and claimed that her ex-friend attacked her first, and she merely responded.

Another user advised the former pageant beauty to “move on and accept the fact that she’s not coming back.” Additionally, they reminded her that Hollman fought for her at one point.

In Locken’s response, she insisted that she was “beyond happy” to take a break from the “bs drama” and claimed the mother-of-two “stabbed me in the back several times.”