‘RHOD’ Travis Hollman Responds to Kameron Westcott Getting Him Into Her Country Club

During the first part of the Real Housewives of Dallas Season 4 Reunion, Kameron Westcott said it hurt her to hear Stephanie Hollman’s husband, Travis, call her an elitist because she put in a “good word” for him with a country club.

The business owner then responded to Westcott on Twitter after the reunion in a sarcastic tweet.

Travis Hollman
Stephanie Hollman (R) and her Husband Travis Hollman (L) | Paul Archuleta

What does ‘RHOD’ husband Travis Hollman do for a living?

Stephanie Hollman’s husband for over ten years, Travis, is the President and CEO of Hollman Inc. since 2011. According to the website, his company is the world’s largest manufacturer of sports, fitness, and office lockers and won Locker Firm of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

His lockers can be found in the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and Dallas Mavericks’ locker rooms, as well as The New York Times and J.P. Morgan Chase Park Avenue offices.

He also had a hand in startups Marshmallow Fun Company, award-winning creator of marshmallow guns, and the first relaxation drink chosen by multiple celebrities, Vacation in a Bottle (VIB).

Additionally, Travis co-executive produced MTV’s Bully Beatdown and 2006 film Rain featuring Faye Dunaway. Outside of his business ventures, the CEO is heavily involved with local charities, on the Board of Directors for an organization that helps victims of domestic violence, The Family Place, and, alongside Stephanie is active in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

The couple’s work also earned them the Big Brothers Big Sisters Persons of the Year Award in 2017.

‘RHOD’ Kameron Westcott claimed she helped Travis Hollman get into a country club

During Part 1 of the Season 4 Reunion, Brandi Redmond and Kameron Westcott rehashed their drama over Westcott’s calling her “trashy.” The cheerleader finally accepted the apology, and Stephanie Hollman claimed she took her friend’s side in the matter because Westcott used it before, and that bothered her.

However, the philanthropist flipped the table on Hollman and said she used the word because Hollman “planted” it in her head when the mother-of-two asked if peeing behind the wagon was trashy only hours before.

Host Andy Cohen then turned the conversation to how Westcott felt when Hollman called their relationship “surface.” The California-native started to tear up and said felt like it meant she had no “substance” and was only a “dumb blonde.”

However, Westcott said it hurt her more that Hollman did interviews calling the philanthropist a “bully.” She also became more upset after hearing Travis say the SMU graduate thinks everyone is beneath her because she put in a “good word” for the Hollman’s with a country club.

Travis Hollman responded to her on Twitter

After Part 1 of the reunion aired, Travis took to Twitter to “thank” Westcott for getting him into a country club. He continued, “Since you are not a member of my club, it probably meant a lot to everyone who does not know you to have your blessing. Just hearing you say that cracks me up.”

Travis ended his tweet with the hashtags RHOD and BackToReality. Additionally, he retweeted another user who wrote, “Funny how that exact statement from her is so elitist! Maybe she really doesn’t get it!”

Watch Part 2 of the RHOD reunion on January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.