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Move over, Miz & Mrs; there’s a new wrestling couple taking reality TV by storm. AEW stars Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ series Rhodes to the Top premiered last week. Already the show is generating plenty of buzz and ratings. Cody and Brandi aren’t shy about camera crews following every move because they’ve been through the process before.

Cody Rhodes in a pink suit and Brandi Rhodes in a yellow dress, pose for photographers on the red carpet of WarnerMedia upfront party.
Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes I Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

The E! Network is synonymous with reality shows, especially ones featuring athletes. Of course, the network was home to the recently cancelled Total Divas and Total Bellas. They also had the WAGS series, which features the wives and girlfriends of several sports figures.

In January 2018, the network introduced the WAGS spinoff WAGS: Atlanta. Brandi was one of the women on the show, including Kierra Douglas and Shuntel “Telli” Swift. Unfortunately, the show was a dud and canceled after one season. Brandi didn’t have fond memories of her time on the show. In a March 2021 interview with, she revealed her thoughts on the E! series. “I would not be a cast member on a show like that again. WAGS: Atlanta had great people. They had interesting stories. They had a terrible director and producers, so that is what happened.”

Reason the couple returned to reality TV?

One would think having a negative experience on WAGS: Atlanta would turn the couple away from reality TV. However, Cody and Brandi were eager to give it another try. The couple was in talks with TNT and WarnerMedia about creating a series. After receiving the green light, Rhodes to the Top began production.


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Aside from starring in the series, Cody and Brandi are also producers. According to Brandi, working behind the scenes is one of the most incredible benefits of Rhodes to the Top. “It’s a much different feeling when you have the ability to say, ‘these are the stories and moments coming up we would like to focus on.’ It’s a completely different situation this time.”

‘Rhodes to the Top’ is TNT’s newest hit show

Wrestling fans will get a double dose of Cody and Brandi on Wednesday nights. First, they can see the couple on AEW Dynamite, followed by Rhodes to the Top. The Sept. 29 premiere gave a glimpse into the duo’s home and work life.

The first episode offered some turmoil as Cody and Brandi handled crises at the AEW tapings. Then they had to deal with family drama with Brandi’s opinionated mother. Amid the chaos, the couple is also prepping for the arrival of their daughter Liberty.

The show is already off to a tremendous start. According to, the premiere drew in 422,000 viewers. The numbers will undoubtedly change as the season continues, but Cody and Brandi are reality TV’s newest, favorite couple.