‘Rhodes to the Top’: Season 1, Episodes 3 and 4 Recaps

Rhodes to the Top is a dynamite hit for the TNT Network. The reality TV show follows the lives of wrestling couple Cody and Brandi Rhodes. This week fans were treated to not one but two new episodes of the series. Here are a few highlights of what occurred for the couple and the AEW crew.

Cody Rhodes in a pink suit and white shirt, and Brandi Rhodes in a yellow dress pose on the red carpet at a WarnerMedia Upfront party.
Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes I Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

‘Rhodes to the Top’ episode 3 goes off the rails

Episode 3, titled “Off the Rails,” kicks off with Cody and Brandi making travel arrangements for the Double or Nothing PPV. Since this will be Brandi’s last trip before the baby comes, Cody wants her to travel in comfort. He tells her they’ll be taking The Nightmare Express tour bus, but Brandi doesn’t like the idea.

Viewers are then introduced to wrestlers from Cody’s training facility, The Nightmare Factory. Ricky Starks, QT Marshall, and Preston Vance are three of the facility’s top wrestlers and Cody’s friends. Later Cody invites his pals to the house to help assemble baby furniture and install a car seat. The men may be great wrestlers, but they’re horrible handymen.

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Cody then visits his sister Teil for parenting advice. In the confessionals, Cody, Teil, and Dustin Rhodes explain what it was like growing up with their father, Dusty Rhodes. Dustin reveals that Dusty’s wrestling schedule kept him on the road a lot, and his dad missed out on most of his childhood. Cody admits he doesn’t know how he’s going to balance wrestling with parenthood.

The day of the road trip arrives, and it gets off to a rocky start. Brandi is upset to learn there’s no bed on the bus, and before an argument ensues, Cody calms his wife. On the night of the AEW Dynamite tapings, Cody and Anthony Ogogo participate in a weigh-in segment, which bombs due to several mishaps.

“Double or Nothing” episode recap

Episode 4 begins with the fallout from the botched weigh-in segment. Cody worries it won’t garner attention for his and Ogogo’s match. Cody reveals that his duties as a wrestler and an executive are hard. The next day Cody meets friend and wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff, who offers him business advice and reminisces about working with Dusty.

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The AEW crew throws Brandi a baby shower, and the topic of maternity leave comes up several times throughout the episode. While doing media rounds, Brandi gives an interview proclaiming she’ll return after the baby’s born. Later during a chat with Dustin, he says he’ll help take care of business while she’s away, then offers to babysit whenever Brandi returns to wrestling.

On the day of the PPV, Cody meets with the AEW doctor and admits he has back issues. Despite being in pain, Cody continues with the match, which makes Brandi nervous. Cody wins and makes Ogogo look good in the process. Later Cody and Brandi meet backstage and confess his back hurts. Brandi worries Cody’s stretching himself too thin.

‘Rhodes to the Top’ sneak peek

Next week’s Rhodes to the Top episode will have a minor change. According to TVGuide.com, the show will be seen on Saturday, Oct. 16, instead of its Wednesday night timeslot. The episode will have a huge moment when Brandi goes into early labor and the newest member of the Rhodes family is introduced.