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Caroline Stanbury said she’s been “British” for long enough and going to bring the heat to The Real Housewives of Dubai reunion.

Stanbury said she’s had a target on her back the entire season. And she has held back a lot when it came to the cast. She recently revealed that she was anxiety-ridden when she felt the need to invite the entire RHODubai cast to her wedding, worried about their behavior.

On a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, Stanbury said she’s done doing the proper or correct thing and she’s ready to clap back.

Caroline Stanbury felt that she had a target on her back

Stanbury held back on commenting further on the season, adding, “I’m saving it for the reunion,” she said on the WWHL After Show. “I’m very, very excited for my first reunion.” Stanbury previously starred on Bravo’s Ladies of London but always hoped to become a Housewife.

Caroline Stanbury rests her head on her hands while sitting in a chair on 'WWHL'
Caroline Stanbury | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Host Andy Cohen asked Stanbury why she was looking forward to the reunion. “Because I feel like I’ve stayed British quiet,” she added. “And I feel like as somebody who’s been on … Well, I have told you this before, I feel like I had a target on my back when I started this. And I feel like I’m finally going to go and be able to say what I wanted to say. I’m very polite and very reserved, and I have to get back in the game.”

The ‘RHODubai’ cast was ‘bothered’ over Caroline’s fame

Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who was a WWHL co-guest added, “I wouldn’t say polite, reserved. However, I think that you did have a target on your back because you’re already famous,” Glanville observed.

But that’s been the problem all along, Stanbury replied. “And that bothered them before I arrived. And I don’t think not one of them asked me about my show or not one of them thought I was famous,” she said.

Glanville believes the RHODubai cast is jealous. Stanbury said the cast knew who she was coming into the show. “So I think this will be my time to actually just go, you know, look, b*****, sit back,” Stanbury said about the upcoming reunion.

Why did she invite the entire ‘RHODubai’ cast to her wedding?

Stanbury may be referring to being “British quiet” when it came to her wedding. Unlike some American reality TV stars who either invited no one from their cast or asked only a few close friends, Stanbury felt it would be rude to not invite the entire cast.

“I invited everyone out of what was the correct thing to do, but I had total anxiety about doing it,” she told People. “Because honestly, their behavior up until then had not proven to me that they could be at an event and hold it together.”

To her relief, not everyone from RHODubai went to the wedding. Sara Al Madani and Nina Ali attended the wedding. Caroline Brooks and Lesa Milan did not.


‘The Real Housewives of Dubai’: Chanel Ayan Blows up Dinner Over Caroline Stanbury’s Party Snub

“I didn’t really want them to meet my friends and family, to be honest,” Stanbury said of those who attended. “Caroline [Brooks, I] was fine with, but she did the right thing. I was sort of grateful for that because I just didn’t want anything to go wrong, to be honest. So, I got the best of the bunch.”

Meanwhile, Stanbury had to deal with Chanel Ayan who wore what looked like a wedding dress to her engagement party.

“I did understand the assignment. I was told, ‘Wear white.’ I did f***ing wear white,” Ayan shot back in an interview with Page Six. “My intention was to look good and to feel good and be fabulous and be sexy and be stunning. All of that!”