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If viewers thought The Real Housewives of Miami‘s Season 4 cast trip to the Hamptons was wild, buckle up for RHOM Season 5, because Dr. Nicole Martin reveals it will be “explosive.”

“We have a couple of little cast trips and, I think if people thought the Hamptons was an exciting trip to watch, then these trips make the Hamptons look like a trip to the park,” she teased to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Larsa Pippen’s RHOM Season 4 Hamptons trip to showcase her jewelry line got messy when Lisa Hochstein complained about having to share a room with another cast member. Alexia (Echevarria) Nepola snapped back at Hochstein for getting upset about the room situation, which prompted Martin to tell her to calm down. Unfortunately for Martin, Marysol Patton felt the need to put Martin in her place and savagely attacked her at dinner.

The trip culminated in Julia Lemigova becoming violently ill the day of Pippen’s party after boozing all day and night.

Dr. Nicole is ‘caught in the crosshairs’ during this ‘RHOM’ trip

Martin was a major target during the RHOM Season 4 Hamptons trip. This time she only gets grazed by the shade. “Yeah, the last cast trip we take is explosive … explosive,” she said.

Thankfully for her, she’s not the one in the hot seat this time. “I get caught in the crosshairs but I am not in the line of fire directly.” Last season Patton called Martin out for a series of new Housewives “offenses.”

Dr. Nicole Martin smiles wearing a yellow dress at the 'RHOM' Season 4 reunion
Dr. Nicole Martin | Zach Dilgard/Peacock

During that infamous Hamptons dinner, Patton said Martin referred to Pippen as a “hooker” for her OnlyFans account. “There was really no truth to anything having to do with Larsa,” Martin told Showbiz Cheat Sheet last season. “I don’t usually curse unless I’m super upset or heated and I just don’t use the word hooker like it’s even weird for me to say. The combination of letters doesn’t roll off my tongue. And that’s like her favorite word. [Patton] walks into the room and is like, ‘Hi hookers!’”

How is Dr. Nicole and Marysol’s relationship after ‘RHOM’ Season 4?

Instead of the new cast members getting dragged, the original crew gets into it this season – and not only on cast trips, Martin said. “There’s a lot of unexpected [drama],” she said. “Because I think people, to a certain extent know that Larsa, Marysol and I didn’t end on great terms. So maybe there’ll be a little tension there, but that’s to be expected. But there is definitely some unexpected OG on OG drama that I was like, ‘Whoa, where did this come from?'”

In fact, she and Patton are in a pretty good place this season. “I definitely think Marysol and I are in a much better place now,” she said. “I enjoy her. She’s funny, she’s witty. She makes me laugh. You want to go to the bar and have a drink with Marysol. It’s always a good time. And it was funny. I was telling somebody that we played the game again, who here do you trust the least? And it wasn’t me anymore. So that’s progress in my book, like, ‘Yay!'”

The game of “who do you trust the least” is what led to Patton and Martin going head to head when Patton flatly told the group it was Martin who she trusted the least.

Her ‘RHOM’ Season 5 journey will focus on family

Martin’s friendship with Nepola isn’t as easy breezy this season, she said. “Alexia and I have a lot of tough conversations about family. And I think she comes from a very different place. She lost her parents. And so she gives me a lot of tough love that sometimes can come off a little bit harsh. And so we butt heads a little bit on those things. But I think she’s coming from a good place. At the end of the day, I think she wants what’s best for me and for my family.”


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Martin argues with her mother this season, something that caught her off guard. “My mom and I are usually the best of friends,” she said. “Like, we’re extremely close. We talk every day. She’s a huge part of my life, but we do have a moment where she’s like, ‘You’re so quick to point the finger at your dad, but you have to do a little self-reflection. Sometimes you may contribute to the problems in your relationship.'”

“And so this season, I think viewers will see a big personal journey,” she shared. “I take what she says to heart and I start going to therapy and trying to work on myself. And my dad and I continue to work on our relationship. And I think today we’re in a much better place than we were before. Like we spent Thanksgiving together and he was present and he was here and it was really nice.”

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 kicks off on December 8 on Peacock.