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It’s time to make Kiki Barth a main cast member of The Real Housewives of Miami because she truly is the quintessential Housewife.

She speaks her mind but often does it with a little humor in her delivery. Barth already proved that she can stir the pot, telling Larsa Pippen about Lisa Hochstein’s “oops” remark about her new penthouse, which kicked off the initial RHOM drama this season. Many of the best Housewives have that great funny bone and are admitted pot-stirrers too. Barth also has that glamour too, which drove the early days of Housewives.

Kiki Barth said she likes to drop bombs and walk away on ‘RHOM’

In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Barth referred to herself as someone who has her friend’s back and not a pot stirrer. “With me this season, I feel like I’m more of like the bone collector,” she dished. “Like I drop little things and then people fight and I’m like, oops, it wasn’t me. And I just move away and let the fight begin.”

Kiki Barth from 'RHOM' stands in front of a painting in a hotel room
Kiki Barth | Peacock

She admitted that is exactly what she did when it came to Hochstein’s remark about Pippen. “I feel more like I’m having my friends back,” she laughed. “Like, if you say something about my friend I will tell my friend that you said this.”

Kiki knows that ‘Housewives’ should be fun

Many viewers tune into the Housewives series because the show could be funny amid the shade and drama. Barth said those one-liners she often delivers just come naturally.

“I think with my sense of humor, it has to come natural, you know?” she said. “You can’t fake having a sense of humor. So I just feel like I’m always a good energy person, good vibes … always happy. And that’s just where it comes from is just I’m always just in a good mood. And I will just speak what I think.”

“And then people are like, ‘Did you just say it?’ I’m like, ‘Well, that’s how I feel.’ So this is where it comes from. It’s nothing that I had to learn to do,” Barth said. “Just a very natural thing since I was a little girl. I always just speak my mind. And last season we did film a lot, but a lot of what I filmed didn’t make the cut. You didn’t get the whole storyline, but this time it’s a little different and I’m grateful.”

Will ‘RHOM’ viewers see more of Kiki’s life this season?

Even though RHOM viewers will see more of Barth, they won’t get the full picture of her life. “You don’t really get to see my kids or much about my life,” she said. “But you learn more about my personal life through the girls and all through the things that happened.”


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“You’ll get to learn a little bit more of me,” Barth added. “So the goal is eventually you’ll get to know the full story about Kiki’s life. But for right now, you’ll get more of me, like the fans asked. And I am so appreciative and I am so grateful that they listen. And there’s for sure more of Kiki this time.”

Maybe RHOM Season 6 should have even more of Barth, someone who has definitely earned a spot on the cast.