‘RHOM’: Larsa Pippen Hiked Her OnlyFans Price – and Just Made $200,000 in a Few Weeks

Bravo’s Larsa Pippen said The Real Housewives of Miami boosted her visibility even further so she was able to increase her OnlyFans prices and recently banked $200,000 in a few weeks.

She said tracking income from OnlyFans depends on various factors but said, “Probably like 200,000,” she said during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “Within two weeks from the same person.”

Host Andy Cohen was fascinated, wondering what she had to do to earn $200,000 in a few weeks on OnlyFans. “Nothing,” she replied. “I don’t do nudes.”

Larsa Pippen increased her OnlyFans prices since ‘RHOM’ returned

Pippen re-emphasized that she doesn’t do nudity when she shared that half of the OnlyFans photos are taken by her children. She also joked that she likes photos of her left foot more than her right. She makes more money off of photos of her body and she’d never do a sex tape.

Sophia Pippen, Larsa Pippen, and Preston Pippen attended Casino Royale fundraiser benefiting The No More Tears Foundation
Sophia Pippen, Larsa Pippen, and Preston Pippen | Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Mr. Hospitality

She then revealed she boosted her OnlyFans prices since RHOM returned. “I used to charge less for my photos and kinda up’d it up,” Pippen said. Adding she is making more money now than before.

Pippen left the cast’s jaws on the ground when she revealed on the show that she banks $10,000 per day from OnlyFans. Friends like Alexia Echevarria seemed shocked to learn Pippen did OnlyFans and suspicious she made that much money from feet and bikini pictures.

The ‘RHOM’ cast supports Larsa Pippen’s OnlyFans career

While some made a few shady remarks about Pippen’s OnlyFans career, most of the cast supports her. “No, I mean, I don’t really care,” Echevarria told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I mean, it doesn’t change my opinion about Larsa because I actually like her, I always did. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. She’s a great mom. She has a beautiful relationship with her kids.”

“And that’s what I really look for in the person,” she added. “I think she’s a great person. To me, it’s just something separate. You know what I mean? I mean, I do understand, she was married for 23 years. She’s now in her forties, she’s a young mom, she had four kids. And she did everything she had to do.”

Dr. Nicole Martin also questioned OnlyFans but said she never referred to Pippen as a “hooker” with regard to the platform. “There was really no truth to anything having to do with Larsa,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I don’t usually curse unless I’m super upset or heated and I just don’t use the word hooker like it’s even weird for me to say. The combination of letters doesn’t roll off my tongue. And that’s like her favorite word. [Marysol Patton] walks into the room and is like, ‘Hi hookers!’”

Did the cash entice some of the ‘RHOM’ cast?

Pippen helped Adriana de Moura get a few feet pictures ready for a potential OnlyFans. But de Moura may be the only cast member interested in OnlyFans. Echevarria joked that her children wouldn’t be happy with her if she joined OnlyFans.

“Her kids are cool with it. But my kids and my family would disown me,” she said. “But again, just because I don’t like it. And I don’t agree with it, and it’s not something I would do, just because I think a little differently. But it really doesn’t change my opinion of her.”

Echevarria and Lisa Hochstein were a little doubtful that Pippen made $10,000 per day on OnlyFans. “I think $10,000 a month is a little bit of an exaggeration,” Hochstein said during a recent WWHL appearance. Cohen said he recalled Pippen said she made $10,000 a day. “But I think she does well.”

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