‘RHONJ’: Delores Catania Has a New Beau

Dolores Catania ended her relationship with David Principe recently. But that doesn’t mean she’s sitting around upset about the breakup. In fact, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has already moved on and is dating a new man. She’s happily flaunting her new relationship on social media. 

Dolores Catania poses for the red carpet
Dolores Catania attends the launch party | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Who is Dolores Catania’s new boyfriend?

Catania is now reportedly dating someone she can be “loyal and lovable” with. Page Six reports that Catania is now dating Paul Connell. “They’re very happy together,” Catania’s lifelong friend Tom Murro exclusively told the outlet when asked about Catania’s new relationship. “He’s a really nice guy. It’s pretty new, but you can tell that they make a great match.” Murro, a veteran entertainment journalist, added, “I couldn’t be happier for her. She deserves the best.”

Catania and Connell met through a mutual friend. They recently enjoyed a romantic vacation on the beaches of St. Martin and Catania hasn’t been shy about sharing their love on social media. She snapped a few photos of her and Connell snapped a selfie while taking a stroll on the shoreline. “My favorite lifeguard,” Catania captioned the pic of her and Connell and posted it to her Instagram story.

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“She needed someone to love as hard as she does and who she can really connect with,” Murro added. “She and Paul definitely have a type of chemistry that she’s never felt before.” 

Sources say the duo have bonded over their shared passion for philanthropy. Catania supports a number of causes, including animal welfare and domestic violence relief. She’s reportedly been wooed by Connell’s own charitable efforts. “He’s really involved in giving back,” Murro told Page Six. “He just donated a ton of toys to a kids’ charity in Paterson.” 

Their relationship is said to not play out in the upcoming season of RHONJ. Filming wrapped before the two started dating.

The reality star previously dated David Principe

Catania and Principe, a doctor, dated for five years. The two never lived together and many considered their relationship to be unconventional. During much of their relationship, Catania lived with her ex-husband and business partner, Frank. Frank also served as the date to many of the social events Catania attended on the show in place of Principe as Principe was always busy working. 

Throughout the relationship, Catania boasted that she had the best of both worlds: quality time with her Principe with nothing too serious where she had to give up her independence. During season 10, she admitted she wanted more.

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After Frank built Principe a home, Catania considered moving in with him. She even said she wanted to get married. But by the season 10 reunion, she changed her mind.

Dolores Catania wanted to marry David Principe but changed her mind

Throughout season 11, Catania’s co-stars pushed her to not settle with Principe. They became upset when Principe gifted her a Porsche car instead of a ring. They felt the car was a way for him to continue stringing her along.  

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In one episode, a psychic guessed that Principe was not the man for Catania. Catania revealed she was not surprised by the revelation. She responded about the reading during one episode of the RHONJ After Show, saying: 

There’s nothing that anyone can tell me in my life right now. I know how this play ends, I know what to expect, I’ve been around the block more than once. I’ve lived the life of a few people, I’ve lived a lot and I’m pretty intuitive to what’s going on…I wasn’t upset about David not being my soulmate. No s**t!

When Cohen asked Catania if she’d marry Principe during the reunion special, she said she’d need to see Principe make some adjustments first. “I would [marry him], but I wouldn’t just jump into it. I’d say, ‘All right, Dave, we’ll get married, but let’s start living a life. I want a full weekend a month. Let’s go somewhere. I want my name on this house. If I’m gonna be your wife, there’s things now that I will demand.’ I’ve had a lot of time to think [in four-and-a-half years].”