‘RHONJ’: Jackie Goldschneider on Where Her Relationship With Jennifer Aydin Stands

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Aydin have had their differences. As fans of the show know, some of their most explosive arguments tend to surround money. During the last season, Jennifer accused Jackie of being “cheap,” particularly with her kids’ birthday party where she served cake and pizza. The conversation turned into a full-blown feud with all the housewives weighing in. Jackie recently told The Domenick Nati Show about her current relationship with Jennifer.

Jennifer Aydin, Jackie Goldschneider of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'
Jennifer Aydin, Jackie Goldschneider | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Jackie Goldschneider on her drama with Jennifer Aydin

It all started when Nati asked Jackie who “changes the most once the cameras start rolling.”

“I really don’t think anyone,” responded Jackie. “I think you’re getting us on that day. Really, that’s what I love about Jersey is you’re getting us on that day.” 

“That’s awesome,” said Nati.

“Not awesome for Jennifer Aydin!” Jackie shot back, laughing. “Because I’d love to say that she’s awesome when you turn off the cameras.” 

Jackie says, though she and Jennifer don’t get along, she thinks she’s “great for the show” because “she stirs up drama.”

In terms of their current relationship, Jackie says it’s not a stressor in her life because they don’t speak or spend time together.

“She’s not difficult to deal with because I don’t deal with her. When the cameras go off we really are not friends,” she said.

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According to Jackie, there’s been no resolution between her and Jennifer after what transpired between them last season.  

“Things are as they left off last season and the reunion. Things are still the same. So, we’ll see. Everybody always has a chance at redemption. These shows are about fighting and making up, right? You have to be able to get past problems. So we’ll see, hopefully. But, as of right now, we’re pretty much the same as we left off,” she said.

As for why Jackie feels she and Jennifer don’t get along, she blames it on their different value systems. 

“We’re just really different people. When we’re together we just clash. Our value system is different. Everything about us is just different,” she said.

Jackie Goldschneider says she has the most money out of all the New Jersey housewives

Jackie and Jennifer’s big feud started after Jennifer took a sudden interest in how much money Jackie has. The reality star told Nati: “I do believe that I have the most money of all the housewives in Jersey.”

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The radio host mentioned that he’d heard a rumor that Jackie has $2 million in a bank account right now. She laughed and said she has “much, much more than that.”

“I don’t have money like sitting in one bank account. That’s not the way that my wealth is distributed. I own a lot of real estate. I invested a lot of my money. I have different accounts in different places. I have investment accounts, I have mutual funds, I have real estate, I have bank accounts. But I also have a trust fund. I’ve got money in different places. So, no, I don’t have one bank account that has $2 million in it. But I’ve got much, much more than that,” she said.

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