‘RHONJ’: Joe Giudice Reportedly Told Teresa He Felt Nothing for Her Before Getting Deported

Teresa and Joe Giudice didn’t announce their split until late 2019, but apparently, the relationship was over long before that, at least, that’s how it seemed in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa confided in her brother, Joe Gorga, that a visit with her husband didn’t go particularly well. Teresa alleged that Joe told her to find someone else and that he felt absolutely nothing for her. Teresa never mentioned what prompted Joe’s statements, but it seems like the feelings, or lack thereof, have been building for years. The footage for this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was filmed before Joe was released from an ICE facility.

Teresa and Joe have already spent years apart

Joe and Teresa put up a good front during the early years of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. They appeared happy together, and Joe was always quick to come to the defense of his wife. Everything went downhill when the duo was indicted on a series of fraud charges. Both were sentenced to federal prison for their crimes, but their sentences were staggered to ensure the couple’s four children were never without a parent.

Teresa’s sentence began first. She entered a federal corrections facility in January 2015. She served her time in Danbury, Connecticut, according to E!. 11-months later she was a free woman, but Joe began his stint in federal lockup shortly after that. In March 2016, Joe entered a federal facility in New Jersey. He was sentenced to serve 41 months but was released early. He wasn’t home free, though. In March 2019, Joe was released into the care of ICE agents and transferred to a facility to await deportation. In October 2019, He agreed to leave the United States while he awaited his final appeal.

Joe never wanted to get married in the first place

The latest bombshell might have surprised casual fans, but those who have been keeping up with the troubled couple know that everything between the pair wasn’t peachy before Joe headed off to serve his prison term before getting deported to Italy. In fact, it looks like the trouble between them started long before they even said, “I do.”

In a tense conversation, while Joe was still behind bars, he and Teresa bickered about money and prenuptial agreements. Finally, to end the argument, he reminded her that he never wanted to get married in the first place. Teresa had made it clear that she had a crush on Joe for years before they ever got together, and from the sounds of it, getting married might have been all her idea.

Joe’s relaxed attitude about Teresa’s male friends makes perfect sense now

Shortly after being deported, the Giudices sat down for an interview with Andy Cohen. Cohen posed some tough questions to the once-happy couple. One question focused on Teresa’s alleged beau, Blake Schreck, and whether she cheated on her husband of 20 years.

Schreck, who is substantially younger than Teresa, is a commercial real estate agent in New Jersey and has been spotted out and about with Giudice on multiple occasions. They were spotted together in Miami and then again in a New York City bar, according to In Touch. While Teresa has long contended that they are just friends, followers think otherwise.

Joe’s reaction wasn’t that of a scorned or jealous husband, though. He was pretty much resigned to the fact that the mother of his children was stepping out on him while he was battling to stay in the country. While some fans believed he took the high road during the interview, others found his cold demeanor telling. Based on what was revealed on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Joe may not have reacted because he truly does not care.