‘RHONJ’: Joe Gorga Referred to as a ‘Slum Lord’ – Kim D. Fires Back

Joe Gorga and Kim “D” DePaola’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey conflict is heating up off of the show and she’s hitting back at the RHONJ husband over how he manages rental properties and more.

She recently referred to Gorga as a slum lord and shared none of the lumber yards will extend credit to him. Their social media feud sparked when DePaola revealed that Gorga got angry during the RHONJ reunion and stormed off of the stage. She said he was angry that she made it public and now the two are engaged in a war of words.

Why does Kim D. insist Joe Gorga from ‘RHONJ’ is a slum lord?

DePaola addressed Gorga directly on the podcast, saying if he comes for her, she’s going to come for him. She alleged that some of Gorga’s rental apartments didn’t have heat during the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown. “I know that Joe Gorga is a slum lord,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga from 'RHONJ' smile for photos during a wedding
Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga |Dave Kotinsky/WireImage

“He owns a lot of apartments,” she continued. “The ones in Hackensack did not have heat during the Covid lockdown. They have rodents, they had garbage piled up. There’s no one to call when they have issues and problems.” She said many of his apartments are Section 8 housing, which provides housing to low-income residents. And DePaola added that his homes fail to provide basic needs.

Kim D. alleges Joe Gorga can’t buy his own lumber

She also said Gorga is having problems purchasing lumber, which is extremely problematic as a builder. “Second thing I found out, which I will get to the bottom of is supposedly he can’t even buy his own lumber anymore because none of the lumber places trust him because he’s stuck so many people,” she said.

“The third thing I think is comical,” she continued. “I heard that he runs around telling certain people that he’s a made man will. I’m here to tell you he’s a made punk. He’s not a made man. When you say you’re a made man, you’re admitting to killing people. That is really stupid.”

“So those are the three things I’m going to drop today,” she added. “That came from someone who was very close to him. Almost can’t get any closer. And then I will save some tidbits that I will do more investigating for next week. So little, little teeny weeny, Joey Gorga. You wanted to get into it with me. Let’s go. That’s my start. I think that’s good.”

Joe Gorga should leave the Wakile family alone, she says

DePaola also doesn’t like how Gorga and the family have treated their cousins, the Wakiles. “He had the nerve to say Richie and Kathy Wakile are jealous of him and Melissa,” she said. “They are. Kathy is one of the classiest, nicest people I have ever met. They live a wonderful life. They travel all over. Not, not trips that Bravo paid for. They’ve been all over your, they have a wonderful son, a wonderful daughter who both have wonderful jobs.”

“What in the world would Kathy and Richie be jealous of?” she wondered. Adding, “Also they opened up a fabulous restaurant. The food is delicious. Hey guys, how long did Melissa and Joe’s restaurant last? I know the guy that gave him the money for that restaurant. And then they disparaged him on Andy Cohen. They promised him they were going to do a sauce. They used his money and it went under and less than a couple of months. I just heard that this poor guy just passed away. Recently. They ruined his life. They ruin this guy’s life. Talked about them. I mean, it was a disgrace. How long did their restaurant last? How long did [Melissa Gorga’s] singing career last?” 

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