‘RHONJ’: Melissa Gorga Spent Nearly $30k Monthly on Husband Joe’s Credit Cards Before Making Her Own Money

If it’s one thing the cast members of RHONJ agreed on in its earlier seasons was that being a true housewife was a full-time job. For Melissa Gorga, her husband took the role of the woman staying home and the man working seriously. Melissa says she was so well taken care of that Joe didn’t give her a spending limit. 

Joe and Melissa Gorga
Joe and Melissa Gorga 2016 | Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Melissa Gorga admits to spending $20-$30k monthly on her husband’s credit cards

The Gorgas joined the show in season 3. At the time, Melissa was a happy stay-at-home wife and young mother to her three children. Viewers watched as Joe gloated over his wife, constantly spoiling her with lavish gifts. They also lived in a large New Jersey mansion, custom-built by Joe.

Joe expected dinner made by the time he arrived home from work. Melissa also was responsible for much of the parental responsibilities. Not to forget, Joe required that his wife keep him happy in the bedroom. In return, Melissa admits that she was a pampered princess and didn’t go without. 

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During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Melissa revealed that she had financial freedom, courtesy of her husband. She says he rarely monitored her spending.

“No, never – he knows that I’m pretty reasonable in that area,” Melissa said when asked by Andy Cohen if Joe put her on a shopping budget. When questioned on what she could spend in those days without checking in with her husband, the answer impressed Cohen. 

“Back then, I used to spend on the AMEX probably like $20-$30k a month or something and he never said anything,” Melissa admitted.

Working causes issues between Melissa and Joe Gorga

Transitioning from a housewife to a working mom and wife isn’t something Melissa ever envisioned herself doing. But as the show continued to be a success, she figured to take advantage of the opportunities the platform afforded her.

Her first entrepreneurial endeavor was documented during season 5. Melissa wrote a book on her happy marriage as a guide to other women to achieve the same. Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage was released in 2013.

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From there, Melissa chose to pursue her love of fashion and open her own clothing boutique, Envy. Despite her success, her traditional husband has had a difficult time adjusting.

“I’ve been with Joe since I was 24 – that’s very young,” Melissa told Access Hollywood. “You do change as a woman from 24 to 40…Have we brought it [divorce’ up and gasped about it? Probably. But, nothing has ever happened to us other than these highs and lows. I’m busier than I’ve ever been and that probably affects him. He admits that there’s insecurities…men need to understand that we don’t necessarily need you, we want you. It’s just different. He doesn’t like change.”

Luckily, the Gorgas are now in a better place. RHONJ airs every Wednesday at 9 pm EST on Bravo.