‘RHONJ’: Why Dolores Catania Wasn’t Surprised Psychic Revealed David Principe Is Not Her Soulmate

Fans of RHONJ find the relationship between Dolores Catania and David Principe confusing. The two have been together for nearly five years, but Catania spends more time with her ex-husband than Principe. 

Dolores Catania and David Principe
Dolores Catania and David Principe 2019 | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

In a recent episode, a psychic reveals to Catania that Principe is not her soulmate and Catania is not surprised.

Dolores Catania isn’t surprised by psychic’s revelation that David Principe isn’t her soulmate

For much of their relationship, Catania lived in a home with her ex-husband, Frank. Principe lived separately, spending time with Catania on his days off from work. 

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Catania insists that Principe’s work as a doctor keeps him busy. But, she’s maintained that the two are committed to each other. After years of their arrangement, Catania now says she wants more.

Ironically, Frank built Principe a custom home, which Catania helped design. When Principe didn’t propose to Catania, she reneged on her promise to move in with him. 

Why Dolores Catania isn’t surprised by psychic’s revelation

Catania’s co-stars and fans are of the belief that Principe isn’t as serious about his relationship with Catania. Apparently, so does a psychic. During the Apr. 14 episode, the psychic revealed that Catania’s late grandmother gave her a message that Principe is not her soul mate. 

Catania responded, “Maybe David and I will just part gracefully. It’s OK, I’m OK.”

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During the RHONJ After Show, Catania says that her nonchalant response is due to having good intuition about her life. 

“There’s nothing that anyone can tell me in my life right now,” Catania explains. “I know how this play ends, I know what to expect, I’ve been around the block more than once. I’ve lived the life of a few people, I’ve lived a lot and I’m pretty intuitive to what’s going on…I wasn’t upset about David not being my soulmate. No s**t!”

The ‘RHONJ’ star’s castmates say they were stunned by Dolores Cantania’s emotional reaction

The revelation about Principe wasn’t the only thing Catania got out of her psychic reading. When the psychic mentioned her beloved dog that died years ago, Catania broke down in tears. Her co-stars were shocked.

“She’s a tough cookie, you rarely see Delores cry,” says Melissa Gorga. “She lost it and I felt so bad. I’ve never seen her cry like that.

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Jackie Goldschneider and Margaret Josephs agreed, with Josephs even shedding tears during the reading. But what was more shocking for Catania’s co-stars was that Catania showed more emotion about her late dog than the information about Principe.

“The psychic said, ‘You care more about the dogs than you do David,’” Jennifer Aydin jokes. “She cried for the dogs and then when David came along, it was like she knew what the psychic was going to say.”

Josephs agreed, saying, “Yeah, she knows her dog longer.”

For Catania, her late dog provided her the unconditional love she always yearned for.

“A dog loves you unconditionally [and] if you wanna know what it’s like to be really loved, get a dog,” Catania declares. 

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