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Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally here, and all of the drama centers on what led to Joe and Melissa Gorga skipping Teresa Giudice’s wedding. The Gorgas don’t regret their decision, and the family members remain estranged. One person who agrees with the Gorgas not giving in this time around is Margaret Josephs. Joesphs has had her fair share of feuding with Giudice.

The cast of the 'RHONJ' season 13.
The cast of ‘RHONJ’ season 13 | Andrew Eccles/Bravo

Melissa Gorga says she made the best decision to skip Teresa Giudice’s wedding

According to insiders, Giudice was involved in a vicious rumor about Melissa cheating on her husband, Joe. If true, Giudice has been accused as being the mastermind behind previous cheating rumors, as well as claiming Melissa was a stripper when she met Joe. Teresa has denied all claims.

Either way, the Gorgas skipped Giudice’s wedding. Giudice revealed months prior that Melissa would not be in her bridal party. Her now-husband, Luis Ruelas, did ask Joe to be a groomsman. Joe initially accepted the offer before ultimately backing out.

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On Melissa’s On Display podcast, the couple said it was time to cut out the toxicity and stop pretending that things are better than what they are in their family. “I’m just shocked at the way I’m treated by my own family, my blood,” Joe said. “That’s what kills me. Every day, you have to live a life like that.”

Regardless, they say they don’t have any ill feelings toward Giudice. “We both will always love Teresa very much and hope that she has everything she wants now and that her girls are happy. And that, you know, this is Teresa’s happily ever after,” Melissa said, with Joe adding, “She looked amazing.”

Magaret Josephs says she understands why Melissa Gorga skipped the wedding

Josephs was in attendance. Though she says she was hopeful Melissa would attend, she understands why she opted out. Josephs confirmed reports that a major blowup between the Gorgas and the Giudice’s went down just days before Giudice’s wedding at the Season 13 finale taping.

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“I know what happened at the season finale, and I think it’s very unfortunate,” she told E! News. “I know why Melissa and Joe were very upset and I think it was devastating. It’s very sad when this happens with families, and I think Melissa and Joe are justified, truthfully, for not going to the wedding.”

Josephs added: “I think everybody’s going to see why. I think it makes sense, and it’s sad.”

Teresa Giudice has no hopes for reconciliation with Melissa Gorga

The RHONJ OG is devastated about her family fallout. Despite her heartbreak over the wedding fiasco, she says she’s unsure of a reconciliation but doesn’t hold a grudge against them. More than anything, she says she needs space after dealing with their family issues in front of the camera for the past 10 years.
She told Us Weekly: “I wish them well…I swear I wish them all the best. I need to heal myself. I’ve been through a lot the past 10 years with them but I am happy for them and wish them well and I wish they also wish me well.”