‘RHONY’ Alum Bethenny Frankel Has This Advice for College Grads

Bethenny Frankel is heating up the airwaves once again with her HBO Max show, The Big Shot with Bethenny. Making a name for herself on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New York, Frankel started out as a graduate from New York University. The reality star recently shared some words of wisdom for those heading out into the workforce after completing their time in college.

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‘RHONY’ alum pushes a strong work ethic

Frankel first attended the Natural Gourmet Institute before graduating from NYU in 1992 with a degree in communications and psychology. For those about to embark on their dream jobs, the RHONY alum stressed the importance of being a hard worker.

“Do well at whatever you’re going to do,” she advised, according to Forbes. “Don’t think a job is beneath you. Don’t be worried about your lunch break. Don’t be worried about your three-week vacation. Don’t be punching a clock.”

The Big Shot with Bethenny star recommends standing out as a star employee while planning ahead.

“Go and be the best that you can be wherever you are; create value,” Frankel remarked. “Cream rises to the top. Look at the whole board, and you’ll see what you’re supposed to be doing next.”

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Bethenny Frankel tells grads to ‘breathe’

While many college graduates are already stressing over their career goals, Frankel noted the need to enjoy their youth.

“Everyone is so manic,” the reality star said. “They need to know exactly what their life looks like. My advice is that these young grads should have their own plan. But they should remember that they’ve got to have fun, got to live a little.”

With her successful Skinnygirl brand and reality star status, Frankel knows more than her share of what it takes to get to the top. Making time to smell the roses along the way can keep you balanced while on your career path.

“They have to experience things,” she commented. “They have to breathe. They have to observe. They have to cook, eat, drink, be merry and work. It has to be a more holistic process.” 

‘The Big Shot with Bethenny’ star gets advice from others

As for aspiring entrepreneurs, Frankel believes in pulling your resources as well as trusting your gut instincts. While she asks experts for advice at times, she’ll take the information she agrees with and discard the rest.

“Understand that you’re a smart person of this earth,” she said. “If something feels wrong, it’s wrong; if something feels right, it’s right. And you can ask other people. I ask experts things all the time, and most of the time I go with what I know, because some people are too smart for their own good. They’re used to doing things a certain way—and they’re geniuses and they’re brilliant—and they don’t like anything different.”

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Frankel recognizes how industries vary, so advice is not ‘one size fits all’. She finds that entrepreneurs tend to learn as they move forward.

“Just ask others and figure it out, because no one knows anything,” the former Real Housewives of New York star shared. “The business of buttons and salad dressing is different than cherry juice, it’s different than TV, it’s different than podcasting. It’s different than everything. You’ve just got to figure it out along the way and create your own map.”