‘RHONY’ Bethenny Frankel Recounts Week From Hell That Included ‘911’ Dental Work

Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City had the week from hell complete with fever, a health scare, and a sudden root canal.

She recounted how her week went from getting a booster shot to hosting 11 of her daughter’s friends for a Halloween sleepover – but she still has a pretty good sense of humor about the debacle.

Bethenny Frankel summed up her week with a bottle of wine

Frankel shared a funny video on Instagram recounting her horrible week. “Me after this week: booster shot then 102 fever, norovirus,” she wrote along with a video. “Negligent dental work leading to a 911 root canal, a hot sauce bottle smashing all over my outfit w glass in my feet, a mammogram scare, a crime incident requiring police intervention….oh & I MOVED plus hosted (11) 11-year-olds for a party & sleepover. That was fun. Let’s do this again soon. What the actual F?” In her video, she’s wearing a witch costume, holding a bottle of wine, complete with a straw.

Bethenny Frankel from RHONY recounts her rotten week capped off with painful dental work
Bethenny Frankel from RHONY recounts her rotten week capped off with painful dental work | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Earlier in the week, she knew a sh*tstorm was brewing. “Is mercury in retrograde? Cuz this week has been a sh*t storm…anyone else?” she tweeted but without any additional context.

Bethenny Frankel reveals more about her horrible week

But then later that day, she shared how chaotic her week was becoming. “I had “noravirus” sick beyond, my 1st dental work & a tooth crown come out in pieces, had to have a 2nd mammogram/screening, ovarian cysts, a horrible crime scare involving police & a bottle of hot sauce smashed all over my whole outfit & glass in my shoes,” she wrote.

Fans responded and Frankel showed her sense of humor was still well intact. “I mean at least I was the best at a crap day!” she replied in the thread. And replied to fans who suggested she open some wine. “On it,” she shared.

The dental work seemed to be the ‘crowning’ moment of her week

Amid the horrors from the week, Frankel shared the most about her botched dental work. “This week has been vile. It ended w me being told my teeth being drilled all the way down wasn’t needed & there’s nothing to attach a crown to..so I’ve been #crownless for a week & now have a ‘complicated’ dental case. It is a Halloween horror show,” she tweeted. Well-meaning fans suggested she consider going for an implant or shared their own dental horror stories.

She then shared how she ended up with a “complicated” dental case. “Today I had an urgent impromptu root canal. Started with a teeth cleaning, someone’s misdiagnosis or my needing a crown, not having a temp crown for a week then it requiring 911 root canal.”

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Frankel continued, “The silver lining is that this botch job led me to 3 specialists that I spent my day with. It was the best medical experience I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to share them with you. It restored my faith in humanity. Superb human beings & doctors.” She then offered recommendations of the specialists she used.

Adding, “I’m telling boring dental stories Bc we have to be educated. People can really take you down the wrong road & I don’t want this to happen to you. Go to superb people & they’re not always the hot shot $ doctors whatsoever-nice good people who care.” And “People scam us & we have to be smarter. We just say yes Bc we have no clue about these matters.”