‘RHONY’ Carole Radziwill and ‘Red Scarf Guy’ Go Head to Head Over ‘F**k Boy Behavior’ – They ‘Always Had a Good Relationship,’ He Says

Shots fired after Carole Radziwill from The Real Housewives of New York City shaded “red scarf guy” Brian Krauss because he has no idea why she took a shot at him.

Radziwill tweeted about the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal scarf story, tying it to Krauss who appeared on season 10 of RHONY wearing a red scarf and ultimately becoming an explosive point of contention between Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel. Radziwill’s spicy tweet took Krauss totally by surprise because he said they were longtime friends and had a good relationship.

Carole Radziwill from ‘RHONY’ poked the red scarf bear

Radziwill tweeted, “In light of the #JakeGyllenhaal v #TaylorSwiftRed scarf scandal we should start calling out f#*k boy behavior as red [scarf] instead of red [flag],” Radziwill shared. “As in, He’s a red scarf, stay away.”

Carole Radziwil from RHONY does battle with 'red scarf guy' on Twitter
Carole Radziwil from RHONY does battle with ‘red scarf guy’ on Twitter| Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Talent Resources

Unamused by the tweet, Krauss fired back, “Really Carole? A “f#*k boi”?? Was I not incredibly respectful while having your back in your shameful RHONY meltdown? Was it bc I had zero interest in you? Clearly the entertainment medium is not your thing. Stick to your shilling of vibrators and dildos.”

Why the shade for Brian Krauss?

Why did Radziwill even start with Krauss? “[The tweet] doesn’t make sense,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I always had a good relationship with her and always spoke highly of her. She’s now taking shots at everything Bravo.”

Krauss and Radziwill went out a few times but they remained friends and he’s still friends with quite a few cast members, including Ramona Singer.

So there was no drama coming from Krauss. The only spectacle came during season 10 when Frankel insisted she set up Krauss and Radziwill. Meanwhile, Krauss said he’s known Radizwill for years.

Frankel blogged about how she was the one who set up Radziwill and Krauss. “It was so funny running into Brian, AKA ‘red scarf,'” Frankel wrote. “From what little I know, I thought he was a super nice guy who I texted later that PM to set up with Carole. He is a pursuer and the guy who texts you after one date to say he will take care of you when you’re sick. When you meet someone, you’re also weeding them out for your friends. I thought it was very endearing that he was so honest about coming there to see me. That was sweet and takes courage also. Who knows? Maybe I think I’m open but actually not really.” 

Brian Krauss gave Carole Radziwill his text exchange with Bethenny Frankel to use at the ‘RHONY’ reunion

Krauss said he provided Radziwill with the text exchange with Frankel to use at the RHONY reunion. And while Frankel and Radziwill got heated over the messages, Radziwill never seemed quite able to make her case. “You told this whole long story about this guy Brian that was not true,” Radziwill said to Frankel during the reunion. “None of it was true.” Frankel disagreed.

Cameras flashed to Frankel reading messages from Krauss during a cast road trip, saying “he doesn’t stop” with the messages. That’s when Radziwill pulled out the “receipts” and read the actual message exchange to prove Frankel never tried to set her up with Krauss. The RHONY reunion briefly became dueling text messages with Krauss – who was not present – in the middle.

Since the reunion aired, years have passed and Krauss said everything was fine with Radziwill. Which goes back to the question: Why the shade from Radziwill? Maybe Krauss will explore this question on his podcast, Naked Encore.

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