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Carole Radziwill from The Real Housewives of New York City offered her perspective on the need for change, which quickly turned into a debate.

Carole Radziwill attends the launch of Smash + Tess X Carole Radziwill collaboration at Crosby Street Hotel
Carole Radziwill attends the launch of Smash + Tess X Carole Radziwill collaboration at Crosby Street Hotel |Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Smash + Tess

Radziwill called for “liberty to be restored” adding that she did not condone violence. But she said the violence being played out throughout the nation is real and is a reflection of a frustrated society. While Radziwill stated she did not support the violence, her post became controversial, drawing a number of comments and debates.

Radziwill replied to many, defending her post and position as she continued to hope and push for change in society. “Black Lives Matter,” she began her missive. “We need liberty to be restored. Only then can you start restoring order. We have been tricked too many times thinking that once peace is restored the system will change. It won’t. We are lulled in complacency & then forgetfulness.”

Radziwill recounts her own experiences

Despite marrying into a high profile family, Radziwill shared that she came from humble beginnings. “As a white chick, I can not say I know what it’s like to live as a black person under this system of economic and legal discrimination borne from a 400yr. old twisted paradigm,” Radziwill wrote. “And while I do not carry the burden of that history I feel the weight of it pressing lightly on my shoulders.”

Adding, “I grew up on the edge. My parents worked two jobs to support me & my siblings. I lived with the gnawing fear of our house being taken away by men in suits who’d come visit from the local bank. My parents tried, I’m sure, to shield us from reality. But I felt it every time our phone was disconnected, the fridge empty, our heat turned off.”

She recalls protests when she was younger too. “I remember the protests when subsidized housing was built on the next block over. I remember the outrage. ‘Not in My Backyard’, they screamed. I remember my mother taking me and my siblings to protest the protesters. As little as we had, I knew there were those who had less.”

She calls for action (and makes a ‘Housewives’ reference)

“We are still fighting the same damn fight. And now someone has been murdered. Right in front of our very eyes, for all the world to see. And not just George Floyd, but Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, Eric Garner and all the others senselessly killed,” she wrote.

But then this was the section some fans used as a springboard for debate. “We can compartmentilze it, the black community can not. So let’s stop talking about the looting &burning as though ya’ll are shocked. I’m not instigating violence but I understand it. We don’t have the right to critique the way others express their pain, anger, and frustration at an unjust society. Let’s be real, this country was founded on looting and violence. That is our history.”

“As the Housewives love to say, ‘own it.’ Until we do we can not move past it. We are back to 1968 jetting white men into space &killing black men in the streets. The only thing that has changed is now we are seeing it in real time. And that I hope will make all the difference,” she concluded.

Her remarks spark debate

Some fans took her remarks as support of violence. “Carol I’m so disappointed in your statement but not surprised .. you still hold a grudge for the presidential election.. wish you could move past it .. looting and destruction is not the answer.. 😢,” one person wrote.


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But Radziwill said the fan missed the point. “Looting is the consequence of killing innocent black people. Sadly the alt-right is doing all the vandalism. But still you seem to care more about windows then you do about a human life. I figured someone like you would be pro-life not pro-death. 🙏🤷‍♀️”

She added, “You want peace then fight for it. Your thoughts do no one any good. 🙏.”