‘RHONY’: Did Ramona Singer Threaten to Quit the Show?

In dramatic fashion, Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City announced she was going to quit the show after she became furious with Leah McSweeney’s behavior at her birthday party.

Ramona Singer, Tinsley Mortimer from 'RHONY'
Ramona Singer, Tinsley Mortimer | Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Earlier in the episode, Singer takes McSweeney to the party location, suggesting that McSweeney be the point person to keep the party drama free. But after Singer tells McSweeney what to wear and then initially snubs her when she first arrives at the party, McSweeney decides she’s just going to have a great time.

McSweeney jokingly mounts Luann de Lesseps and begins to grind on her. Dorinda Medley and Elyse Slaine join in. Singer’s sister walks by. “This is getting too hot ladies,” Singer’s sister says as Singer begins to realize what is happening. “It looks like they’re having sex.”

Ramona Singer is upset with the way Leah McSweeney is dancing

The cast appears to be having fun and most importantly not fighting. But Singer looks horrified. She rushes over. “Stop! Stop!” Singer says as she tries to pry the women apart. The cast seems completely unaware as they continue to have fun and party.

Singer drags McSweeney aside, pulling down her dress. “Are you kidding me, stop,” Singer says to her. But McSweeney doesn’t think they did anything wrong. “Oh my god first of all, they were … Ramona, no don’t act, don’t act like I was doing that,” McSweeney says.

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Medley pipes in and tells Singer she thinks it was funny. Singer hardly acknowledges Medley but turns back to McSweeney to tell her she has a run in her stocking. “Guess what,” McSweeney says to her. “I’m not being declasse right now. I was joking around with them.”

Singer become so angry, she breaks the 4th wall

Singer says in a confessional that McSweeney is embarrassing her. She doesn’t seem to be bothered, however with the same behavior coming from the rest of the cast. “And I’m embarrassed for her,” Singer says. “There are 100 women here … no, no, no!”

The cast isn’t listening to her, so Singer yells for production. “Get the f**king producers here,” she demands as she storms off to find someone from production. “We’re done!” A producer is heard asking Singer to calm down and to give him a minute. But Singer is so angry she says, “Shut it down!”

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McSweeney sees how angry Singer is and comes for her, telling her she’s being psychotic. Medley observes that Singer has it out for McSweeney. “This girl can do no right,’ she says in a confessional. “Ramona is just waiting to pounce on Leah for anything! How dare you dance!” Meanwhile, Sonja Morgan is standing on top of round glass centerpiece on a table. She stomps on it as the glass shatters and McSweeney cheers.

“No, I’ll f**king quit the show right now,” Singer exclaims to a producer off to the side. “I’m done, bring production here, I’m done!”