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When asked why she didn’t invite Jill Zarin to her home in the Berkshires, Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City replied, “Who’s that?”

Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, and Dorinda Medley, and Jill Zarin
Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, and Dorinda Medley, and Jill Zarin|Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation

Producer Andy Cohen shared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that Zarin was unhappy that she was excluded from the trip. “Jill Zarin posted an Instagram story saying you blocked her from coming to the Berkshires this season,” he said to Medley who was a guest. “What was your reaction to that?”

“Who’s that,” Medley said as Cohen paused but then laughed. He went further to ask if Medley and Zarin were friends. “Jill just wrote me a text like three weeks ago wanting to give me a free outdoor carpet,” Medley said. “And this big long text. And then I saw this. I didn’t even know I had the right to invite non-cast members on a cast party. That’s not really anything. It was bizarre.” Meanwhile, Medley’s sister and former cast member Heather Thomson attended dinner at Blue Stone Manor during the latest episode.

Jill Zarin blasted Dorinda Medley for being ‘mean’ to her

Zarin recently shared that Medley was mean to her and was confused as to why. During her Instagram story about being blocked, Zarin said, “She was so mean to me. I said, ‘You know, Dorinda, did I do something to you? You’ve been very mean to me,'” Daily Mail recounts.

“And she goes, ‘Bravo, Bravo Bravo! We’re not doing this on the show. You’re just using me to get on the show.’ [Dorinda’s] not nice. I think she’s angry and hurt and coming from a place of all that but I don’t see her being very nice to anyone.”

Zarin also shared that the show doesn’t seem to be fun anymore either. “I always said, I don’t want to do the show if I am not having fun anymore. And I didn’t find it fun anymore,” she said on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast I don’t think it’s fun.”

Medley says Ramona Singer is trying to paint her as angry

Zarin isn’t the only person to criticize Medley for coming off as being angry. Ramona Singer has insisted that Medley is targeting her now that Tinsley Mortimer has left the show. But Medley says Singer has another agenda.

“Even to this day, she still is kind of trying to promote this thing that I’m angry, I’m this, I’m that- I think… from my perspective, she got a storyline and she kind of went with it,” she told Celeb.


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“Even when she came to the Berkshires [on last night’s episode], I was happy,” she said. “She kind of tries to do the happy thing with me, but behind the scenes in the interviews- in the light of the day she’s trying to- I’m fully willing- I invited her, I welcome her. But her interviews are still- before the Berkshires she’s [saying I’m] so angry. It’s almost like a promo piece. It’s very sort of like of our moment in time- if you say it enough, it becomes true.”