‘RHONY’: Eboni K. Williams Is Allegedly Lying About the Real Reason Her and Her Ex-Fiancé Split

Eboni K. Williams made headlines when she revealed that she and her ex split due to him preferring to quarantine with his children over her. The Real Housewives of New York newbie is now working with a matchmaker to find love after having a few failed relationships. But according to reports, Williams isn’t being 100% truthful about the split. There are conflicting reports that the split may have been caused by Williams’ relationships with her former potential stepchildren.

Eboni K. Williams blows a kiss while sitting in a chair on 'Watch What Happens Live.'
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Source claims Eboni K. Williams’ ex broke up with her due to lack of relationship Williams had with his children

Williams has been open about her breakup with her ex on RHONY. According to Williams, the two dated for about three years and were engaged to be married. However, she says they split amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic because he quarantined with his children in New Jersey instead of her. Williams alleges her ex did not invite her to do the same.

But a report from Daily Mail claims otherwise. The report notes that a source reveals Williams was engaged to financial guru Steven Glenn, a managing director, CFO, and COO at Warburg Pincus. 

Source: YouTube

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The 50-year-old allegedly has a private equity partnership that has invested more than $94 billion in 940 companies. Glenn is reportedly divorced and lives in a $2 million New Jersey mansion with his three sons. 

An insider alleges that Williams’ relationship with Glenn’s children was non-existent.

“The kids barely knew her, and she barely knew them. She just wasn’t engaged in that part of his life at all,” the source claims. “The quarantine thing was just a convenient public excuse. The relationship wasn’t going anywhere. It wasn’t really heading towards marriage.”

Eboni K. Williams says her ex did not help her properly cultivate a relationship with his children

The source may not be completely wrong about the lack of relationship between Williams and her former partner’s children. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Williams admits that there was distance between her and the three children. But she says it’s not fully her fault. 

“My then-fiance had not curated a healthy enough environment in that home that he shared with those kids to be able to invite me in an adult position there,” she told the hosts, noting that the children are actually adults. “[He should have let them know] this is who I trust to make decisions alongside me as my equal that is also in the best interest of you. And if you have a woman that you don’t think is making choices that are in the best interest of your children as well, you’ve picked the wrong woman.”

Source: YouTube

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Ideally, she says she wouldn’t have minded quarantining with them but was not asked and didn’t feel comfortable. Ultimately, she didn’t feel that she should have to force her place in their lives.

“What are you showing them about me and women in position? What kind of husbands are you setting these young men up to be?” she said of her ex. “I don’t want to run those kids, kids are kids, f— those kids with love and affection,” she joked.

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