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‘RHONY’: Eboni K. Williams Lacked Closure Without a Reunion – She Still Hasn’t Spoken to Luann de Lesseps

Eboni K. Williams from 'RHONY' said she felt as though she didn't have closure when the reunion was canceled. But a new report indicated that it was a claim she made against Ramona Singer that delayed and ultimately canceled the reunion.

The Real Housewives of New York City reunion was canceled and Eboni K. Williams said that without one, she still doesn’t have closure on the season.

One big reason why Williams hoped for a RHONY reunion was to finally connect with Luann de Lesseps. She said de Lesseps is the only cast member she hasn’t spoken to since the season wrapped. But a new report surfaced, indicating that the RHONY reunion was canceled because of a claim Williams made against Ramona Singer.

After an exhaustive investigation, Singer was cleared. But the network thought too much time had passed and the RHONY reunion was canceled. Williams has only mentioned de Lesseps in interviews, indicating unfinished business.

Eboni K. Williams wanted closure with Luann de Lesseps

Williams said she wasn’t going to hold back on her true feelings. “I’m not one to sit around biting my tongue,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “We know that. So I don’t have anything at all to get off of my chest. I think the one person I’ve literally had zero communication with since May is Luann.”

Eboni K. Williams wanted closure with Luann de Lesseps at the RHONY reunion, amid new rumors about why the reunion was canceled
Eboni K. Williams wanted closure with Luann de Lesseps at the RHONY reunion, amid new rumors about why the reunion was canceled| Heidi Gutman/Bravo

“And you know, there’s a lot of noise, you know, and people talk a lot and she said this and that. And it’s like, you know, I don’t play in that sandbox. You know, I don’t do the mess. So I would’ve looked forward to the opportunity to look my castmate, who for, for better or for worse, we completed, you know, an unprecedented season of filming the show in a pandemic together. We did that. 

“I have mutual respect for her as such,” she said about de Lesseps. “And how are you feeling? You know, ask her those questions. How are you feeling? What is it that you might want to express to me about your perception as to the episode? And just share any thoughts. Because I think that’s, what’s productive is being direct with your feelings, whatever they are with the person you actually have the feeling toward.”

This was a ‘missed opportunity’

Williams also spoke about the canceled RHONY reunion. “I do [feel a lack of closure],” she said. “And I’ve expressed that to all parties involved. And I think that a reunion would have been wonderful for a lot of different reasons. Not just for me. I think a reunion would have been fantastic for the viewers. You know, no matter, you know, if they absolutely love this season. If they felt frustration or confusion around this season.”

“I think many people at minimum had unanswered questions around this season,” she added. “I think, a reunion would have done a lot of good by way of being able to open up the opportunity to have exchange and dialogue. And for me also to do a lot of listening, you know, there is really been no conversation at all between me and some of these castmates since May.” 

“And so that’s a long time to not know where people are the episodes,” she added. “On the press on the social media. And I think it’s a missed opportunity.” 

Why was the reunion canceled?

Williams said on the podcast that she’s been in contact “in some way” with Singer. TMZ reported that Williams made the claim of racism via “multiple [unnamed] sources.” The investigation dragged on, which was why Bravo was sketchy about naming an actual reunion date, according to TMZ’s reporting.


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Apparently, after multiple interviews, Singer was clear of any wrongdoing. However, at that point, the network felt that it was too late to film a reunion. So it was scrapped. TMZ reached out to all parties involved. Singer’s rep declined to comment. Bravo and Williams had not responded.