‘RHONY’ Friend Says He Didn’t Know Ramona Singer Came To Leah McSweeney’s Party (Exclusive)

A Real Housewives of New York City friend who attended the exclusive Married to the Mob party shares that the fast and furious fight between Ramona Singer and Elyse Slaine happened as quickly as it was shown on the show.

David Yontef and Leah McSweeney at the Married to the Mob party
David Yontef and Leah McSweeney at the Married to the Mob party | Photo courtesy of David Yontef

“I didn’t know Ramona even came to the party,” Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast host and Housewife friend David Yontef told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I literally did not see her the entire evening and nobody really did. So [the fight] must have been right at the beginning.” Yontef says he didn’t witness the argument and simply thought Singer didn’t come to the party.

Yontef spoke with Slaine later in the evening, but he says she played it cool. “I was hanging with Elyse and she didn’t mention this,” he recalled. “But the entire night I was like where the hell is Ramona? It didn’t make any sense to me.”

Ramona Singer stormed out of the party

Producers offered an accurate portrayal of how quickly Singer arrived and left the party. Yontef said he arrived early before the room got crowded but never saw Singer.

Singer was the last cast member to arrive and she tried to avoid Slaine. Singer greeted McSweeney and chatted with McSweeney’s mother. Finally, Slaine confronted Singer asking why she’s pretending she doesn’t know her. “I don’t know who you are,” Singer said to Slaine walking away.

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Slaine tried to grab Singer’s arm and pursued Singer after McSweeney encouraged her to talk to her. Of course, the exchange quickly soured. “You are a duplicitous nefarious, superficial b*tch,” Slaine said to Singer. Singer smiled and walked away, heading toward the exit. She told Slaine she was “sick and evil.”

Singer stormed up the venue steps as McSweeney pursued her. “Ramona don’t leave, please,” McSweeney pleaded with Singer. But Singer bolted.

Yontef says the party was rocking

Yontef agreed that the party scene was something new for most of the cast, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad thing. “I remember Luann [de Lesseps] saying like, ‘Look at this! This is wonderful,'” he recalled. “This is what New York is all about.’ It was definitely a different crowd than what these Upper East Side women are used to. It really was a hip hop crowd.”

“She was acknowledging it without breaking the fourth wall, but she was acknowledging like, look what Leah brings to the show,” he said. “This is great. Part of me was like she’s just waking up and realizing this, but it really was positive. She was like. ‘Look at this, this is wonderful, this is downtown.’ I’m like, ‘I know Luann, I live three blocks from here.'”

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Yontef also had a few moments with Sonja Morgan too. He said she was just as engaged with the crowd as she seemed to be on the show. Morgan remarked about the oodles of attractive young men who were at the event and seemed thrilled to be at the party.