‘RHONY’: Jill Zarin Dishes That Ramona Singer Wasn’t Being Safe in Florida

Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York City insists that when Ramona Singer was supposed to be at home with her family in Florida, she was hanging out at an illegally opened restaurant.

Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin of 'RHONY' fame
Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin of ‘RHONY’ fame | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Zarin spoke to Elyse Slaine after the Halloween episode and the women agreed that Singer was not a true friend to them. “It was hard for me to realize that she actually didn’t care,” Slaine said in an Instagram Live with Zarin. “I was still nostalgic and holding onto something that wasn’t there anymore.”

But Slaine believes she had a real friendship with Singer. “She’d call me three times a day,” she said. Meanwhile, Zarin is suspicious about the authenticity of the friendship. She then shares some gossip about Singer’s behavior in Florida.

Jill Zarin shared gossip that Ramona Singer wasn’t being safe in Florida

A number of cast members were annoyed when Singer fled to Florida as the pandemic hit hard in New York. But then, she sauntered back to New York when infection rates eased as they began to soar in Florida. Zarin also laughed about a new nickname she saw for Singer. “Coronasinger!” she exclaims laughing.

Zarin also heard Leah McSweeney went after Singer for her behavior. “Leah was truly horrified that Ramona was partying all the time and not wearing a mask,” Slaine says, adding that McSweeney is taking the pandemic seriously.

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Zarin then leans in with some gossip she received from a friend who was also staying in Florida during the early days of the pandemic. “You have no idea,” Zarin says. “About the third, fourth week of quarantine in Boca [Raton], a friend of mine, who shouldn’t have been there either by the way, went to a, let’s call it a ‘speakeasy.’ A restaurant that shouldn’t have been opened. Because they were all closed by the city.”

“There was a restaurant open in East Boca, right near where Ramona was living, and Ramona was there,” Zarin revealed. “And so were other people, including the person who told me. They saw her there at the bar. No Avery, no mask. Hitting on guys. All over them, like disgusting. And then the next day she’s posting like the happy family with Mario.”

Leah McSweeney was furious with Ramona Singer’s behavior

McSweeney and the cast expressed annoyance with the way Singer acted during the pandemic. When Singer shared that she and her daughter tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley essentially eye-rolled the information.

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But McSweeney was vocal with her anger about Singer’s behavior. She spoke out on Instagram Live when Singer shared that she was returning to New York as infection rates started to spike in Florida. “I am so disgusted by some of my castmates and their families who spent the entire f**king quarantine in Florida, living it up, showing everyone how they’re living it up,” she said, Page Six reports.

“Then Florida of course faces surge. They f**king come back to New York and they’re out like nothing,” she continued. “Not quarantining. Not taking this sh*t seriously. And basically laughing in all of our faces.”