‘RHONY’: Leah McSweeney Busts Ramona Singer Gossiping About Her Having Bipolar Disorder

“Shots fired” according to Leah McSweeney from The Real Housewives of New York City after she busts Ramona Singer gossiping that McSweeney has bipolar depression.

Leah McSweeney, Dorinda Medley, Tinsley Mortimer, Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan
Leah McSweeney, Dorinda Medley, Tinsley Mortimer, Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan |Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Dorinda Medley and McSweeney rehash Singer’s crazy birthday party where Singer ultimately demands that producers shut down filming when she deemed the cast to be out of control. Actually, she singled out McSweeney for being too crazy even though all the cast members were getting looney. Sonja Morgan danced upon a glass mirror on a table, breaking it into shards. Later, McSweeney shared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that Medley was cut and needed medical treatment.

But as the cast members dish during an upcoming clip, it is revealed that Singer’s angst goes much further and she was gossiping about McSweeney’s sensitive medical diagnosis.

‘It’s just a line you don’t cross’

“I think you’ve heard about bigger things with the party and stuff,” Medley says to McSweeney. “I think you heard that [Singer’s] kind of like talking about your per [sonal] …” McSweeney says she doesn’t even want to talk about the party.

But McSweeney says, “Whatever, I don’t care about the party. Like she’s saying I showed by vagina to people, which is like demeaning. Like it’s a lie. She’s lying but whatever. But when you start talking about like, ‘Leah has depression. She’s on pills.’ It’s a line …”

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Medley wondered when Singer shared this information. McSweeney says Singer shared it with Morgan. “It’s just a line you don’t cross,” McSweeney says.

‘For her to be even talking about it in this way is despicable’

“Right before the trip to Mexico, Sonja called me and she kind of let it slip out that Ramona was gossiping about me having bipolar disorder,” McSweeney says in a confessional. “Which I find repulsive as f**k.”

Medley asks when did she share this information with Morgan. “I never did,” McSweeney says. “She must have been doing some digging on me, which is also very weird.”

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“I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder on my 30th birthday,” McSweeney said in a confessional. “And I really dedicated the last seven years of my life to getting it under control and getting myself in a good place. And I’m not even on medication for bipolar 2 disorder. So for her to even be talking about it in this way is despicable.” Fans reached out to McSweeney to thank her for being open about her story.

Singer threatened to quit the show

McSweeney shares that she and Singer basically ignored each other on the cast trip. Singer became enraged when she felt that McSweeney was being inappropriate during her birthday party. She first demanded that McSweeney check herself. But then she insisted producers shut down production.

“Get the f**king producers here,” Singer said during her party. “We’re done!” A producer is heard asking Singer to calm down and to give him a minute. But Singer is so angry she says, “Shut it down!”

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