‘RHONY’: Leah McSweeney Calls Ramona Singer’s Sister ‘Tonya Harding’

“Tanya? Harding?” Leah McSweeney from The Real Housewives of New York City said, rolling her eyes when she was asked about Ramona Singer’s sister.

Tinsley Mortimer, Dorinda Medley, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Leah McSweeney
Tinsley Mortimer, Dorinda Medley, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Leah McSweeney |Sophy Holland/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

McSweeney appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and was asked for her opinion of went wrong during Ramona Singer’s birthday party. During the party, McSweeney decided to mount a seated Luann de Lesseps and grind on her. Singer’s sister, Tanya Pettyjohn walks by the scene and says, “This is getting too hot ladies!” 

McSweeney agrees the scene is hot, but not in a negative way. Meanwhile, Dorinda Medley and Elyse Slaine join the grind train and de Lesseps seems to think it’s funny too. But then Pettyjohn says to her sister, “It looks like they’re having sex.” That’s when Singer becomes furious, demanding that producers shut down filming.

‘Tanya says I cheapen the group’

McSweeney had plenty of eye rolls for Pettyjohn as co-guest Michelle Buteau was here for the shade. “Tanya said I cheapen, I cheapen the group,” McSweeney said with a nod. Host Andy Cohen’s mouth is now hanging open.

“You weren’t the only one dancing,” Buteau observed. “Everybody was dancing.” Cohen adds that Sonja Morgan was breaking the glass on a tray. Morgan got up on a table and danced in a stomping manner on the glass.

“And the glass got in Dorinda’s foot,” McSweeney dished. “And Sonja had to bring Dorinda to the emergency room. Yet! Yet I am the scapegoat. Story of my life.”

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McSweeney had a feeling the party was going to be off before it even started. In a confessional, she envisioned the gathering was going to resemble a MAGA rally. “If Ramona is scared that Dorinda and Sonja are going to embarrass her, it kind of makes me wonder what kind of women are gonna be there. They’re probably all Upper East Side, lots of facelifts. And it probably looks like a MAGA rally.” Singer asked McSweeney to be the “party protector” and shut down any drama.

Ramona Singer threatens to quit

During the melee, Singer gets so frustrated she threatens to quit the show. She first pulls McSweeney aside to tell her to stop and that she has a run in her stocking. “I’m not being declasse right now. I was joking around with them,” McSweeney reminds Singer.

But Singer is seeing red and it’s not just her dress. She storms off to find a producer. “Get the f**king producers here,” she insists. “We’re done!” A producer is heard asking Singer to calm down and to give him a minute. But Singer is so angry she says, “Shut it down!”

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Singer is no longer listening and threatens to quit the show. “No, I’ll f**king quit the show right now,” she stubbornly says. “I’m done, bring production here, I’m done!”

Dorinda Medley thinks Singer is being way too hard on McSweeney. “This girl can do no right,’ she said in a confessional. “Ramona is just waiting to pounce on Leah for anything! How dare you dance!”