‘RHONY’: Leah McSweeney Finds out Some Cast Members Have a Serious Issue With Tattoos

As Leah McSweeney from The Real Housewives of New York City gets to know the rest of the ladies, she’s learning one thing—they have a big issue with tattoos.

McSweeney gets her first taste of tattoo backlash during a lunch with Tinsley Mortimer and Sonja Morgan. “Oh my God, you have a tattoo,” Morgan asks. But McSweeney brushes it off replying that she has a lot of tattoos. “I have a big one I’m getting removed on my back,” McSweeney says, gesturing to her lower back.

Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, Leah McSweeney
Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, Leah McSweeney | Heidi Gutman/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Morgan inquires what she inked on her back. McSweeney shares that she had her name placed on her lower back. “It’s a tramp stamp,” she admits smiling. “It was my first tattoo.” Morgan looks a little freaked but also intrigued. And she’s not the only one who feels this way.

Tattoos are self … ‘defecating?’

Morgan jokes about how people who have sex with McSweeney will remember her name because it’s inked on her back. McSweeney takes the comment completely in stride, unbothered by Morgan’s curiosity. But Morgan says in a confessional, “Leah has a beautiful body and I think that says something negative about her that she would get tattoos because it’s very self … defecating? Oh no, that’s s**ting on yourself. Well, it’s sort of s**ing on yourself. But it’s self-defaming.”

McSweeney also seems curious that Morgan wouldn’t hook up with a guy with a tattoo. “I think tattoos are so creepy,” Morgan says gesturing to McSweeney. Meanwhile, Mortimer pipes in reminding Morgan she has a tiny tattoo with her ex-husband’s initials.

Later Morgan dishes about McSweeney’s ink with Dorinda Medley. “Well, she has a tramp stamp,” Morgan says. Medley immediately says, “Oh God.” Morgan then says she talked about McSweeney’s tattoos with Ramona Singer too. Singer is seen telling Morgan, “I’m not into tattoos.” This is after Morgan says McSweeney has tattoos everywhere. Both Morgan and Singer agree they’d be upset if one of their daughters got a tattoo. “I’d have a heart attack,” Morgan says.

McSweeney’s ink becomes a hot topic of conversation in the Hamptons

The topic of McSweeney’s tattoos is raised (once again) when the ladies are all at Singer’s house. They debate over how the word touchĂ© is used and Singer says, “How can I be in agreement with the woman who has tattoos?” McSweeney makes a face but Singer says, “I don’t mean it that way.”

“This is nuts,” McSweeney says in a confessional. “It’s not like I have a penis tattooed across my forehead. Or a gun tattoo on my neck. I have pretty, little cute tattoos. I have a Chanel tattoo!”

McSweeney says to the group, “I feel like everybody has tattoos. It’s not a weird thing anymore.” But the ladies don’t exactly agree. Medley says, “No one in this group has a tramp stamp.”

Maybe they need to leave their Upper East Side bubble?

Singer says in a confessional, “I’m not sure what a tramp stamp is, but it doesn’t sound very nice.” Singer then tells the group she doesn’t talk to people with tattoos, which blows Mortimer’s mind. They then joke about how Singer might forget McSweeney’s name but if she forgets, all McSweeney needs to do is bend over.

“We just met,” McSweeney says in a confessional. “That is rude. Do you ever leave your little one percent Upper East Side bubble? Ever?” Mortimer then shows the group her tattoo which is near her hip. Morgan pipes in, “She has one on the backdoor, you have one on the front door!” Morgan admits that she was the one who told Medley about McSweeney’s tattoos. And McSweeney seems to be pretty over it too.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.