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Luann de Lesseps from The Real Housewives of New York City doubled down on the remarks she made about Bethenny Frankel’s ReWives podcast, rolling her eyes that Frankel is leveraging her RHONY podcast to talk about her.

De Lesseps referred to the podcast move as being “pathetic” on the Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino podcast and Frankel was desperately searching for a storyline. De Lesseps also found humor in how Frankel talks about her on the podcast, yet she’s been blocked from Frankel for years.

Luann says Bethenny blocked her but wants to talk about her

De Lesseps said her remarks on the Everything Iconic podcast reflected what everything was truly thinking. “The truth is the Housewives made her career,” she said about RHONY on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “And then she poo-pooed the Housewives and now she’s back.” 

Bethenny Frankel  Luann de Lesseps smile and talk on a couch
Bethenny Frankel Luann de Lesseps |Mike Coppola/Getty Images for ‘bethenny’

“You know, is that cool or uncool?” she pondered. “I think the fans have spoken because from my response and from my interview the fans agreed with me. She’s had nothing good to say about the show or any of us. She’s blocked me on social media, and now she gets to talk about me? It’s just not cool.”

“She blocked me for years on Instagram,” De Lesseps added. “What is she afraid of? Now she’s gonna be doing a podcast about me. Isn’t that weird? Like the woman she blocked. The woman she poo poos now she’s doing a podcast about me and the other Housewives.”

Bethenny’s ‘RHONY’ podcast will definitely talk about Luann, she said

“God knows I’ve been around since the very beginning, so guess what she’s gonna be talking about?” De Lesseps continued. “But let her just try to bring it or bring anything that’s less than positive about me because the fans will just eat her up. Because I’ve been there, I’ve stayed the course, I’ve done the work, right? I’ve made the Housewives for 13 years what it is. Bethenny has not. So bring it on.”

She added, “I mean, she left the show. She tried out different things. They didn’t work and then she came back to the show and then she left again. And, she’s never had a kind thing to say about the Housewives. So how do you expect me to respond?” In a recent podcast with guest comedian Kevin Nealon, Frankel recently mused about the moment she told de Lesseps that her then fiancé, Tom D’agostino was cheating on her.

De Lesseps said she wasn’t about to start trash-talking Frankel. “It is not my MO.  I don’t poo poo what other people do. And I’ve never said anything about her going off the show and doing a talk show. And going off the show and doing a show, trying to do a reality show, a la Donald Trump or whatever show she did that didn’t work.”

Luann de Lesseps wishes Bethenny Frankel well

De Lesseps clarified that her remarks are about Frankel’s show, not Frankel personally. “I’ve never said a bad thing and I still don’t say a bad thing about Bethenny personally,” she said. “This is about her going off the show. She wouldn’t even say the word Housewives when she did an interview. She wouldn’t even refer to it. And now she’s using it to gain a presence for a podcast. I just feel like it’s a pathetic move.”


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While she dragged Frankel’s new podcast, de Lesseps wished her well. “I wish her the best,” the RHONY star said. “But to have to fall back on Housewives as kind of a last effort and with your podcast. I mean, she was doing a podcast, right? What happened to that podcast? Did it not work well and now she has to rely on the Housewives to up her game? You know, that’s what I’m talking about. Why do we have to fall back on the Housewives? Maybe she’ll unblock me from social media now.”