Luann de Lesseps Shares Her Health and Beauty Tips for 2021, Starting With ‘Not Drinking’

A lot of tips from celebrities seem completely inaccessible and more like an aspirational glimpse into their glamorous lives than actual advice. Most of us aren’t going to adopt daily skincare routines that cost more than $1,000 or use obscure and pricey products.

Most of us also aren’t going to splurge for a live-in chef or other luxury services to keep ourselves in top shape. The realities of living our lives mean that celebrity advice is often out-of-touch. 

Sometimes, though, celebrities are living through relatable struggles, and their advice really can be helpful. As Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps shares her own work with getting healthier, a lot of it is practically universal. 

‘RHONY’ has returned for Season 13

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Many reality TV fans have been left in the lurch as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production across the industry. RHONY actually filmed some episodes while under quarantine, and the results are showing up in Season 13, which premiered on Bravo on May 4. 

The new season features five housewives: Ramona Singer, de Lesseps, Leah McSweeney, Sonja Morgan, and newcomer Eboni K. Williams. The pandemic restrictions meant some changes in the format, but these differences might make for a more interesting season for viewers.

As Singer explained, “It’s more intense than normal, because we’re filming the five of us all the time without a lot of interaction with other people, so we really had to relate, and it was just very different.” 

Luann de Lesseps has been a longstanding cast member of ‘RHONY’

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RHONY premiered in 2008 and was only the second installment of the now-expansive Real Housewives series of reality TV shows.

De Lesseps has the distinction of being one of the original housewives and has been on the show every season — though in Season 6 she appeared as a “Friend” rather than a primary cast member. Singer shares this distinction, and that means that fans watching Season 13 are getting to see some long-running dynamics get disrupted by new interactions. 

As is typical for the reality series, de Lesseps has found herself at the center of some feuds and public disputes over the years. These include apologizing for appearing to have used blackface for a Halloween costume and taking quotes out of context to promote her own cabaret show. 

As Season 12 of RHONY wrapped up, de Lesseps was getting attention for her frank discussions of sobriety and her decision to eschew alcohol in a journey to be healthier. 

Luann de Lesseps shared health tips with Danny Pellegrino 

Luann de Lesseps in her 'RHONY' Season 13 promo picture
Luann de Lesseps | Sophy Holland/Bravo

To celebrate the premiere of Season 13, Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino featured an episode of the podcast with de Lesseps. During the chat, de Lesseps opened up about her health journey and her efforts to remain sober.

It appears that de Lesseps did start drinking again during quarantine, but she has once again dedicated herself to avoiding alcohol. In fact, she asks Leah McSweeney to help hold her accountable to the pledge in the first episode of the new season. 

De Lesseps had some tips to share with Pellegrino after he observes that she’s “aging backwards.”

She let him know that much of her appearance was rooted in her lifestyle: “First of all, I’m happy. Second of all, I’m not drinking so that makes me even happier and keeps the weight off, I gotta say.” She insists that she is “[j]ust being healthy and taking care of myself.”

Other elements of her health journey include traveling to Mexico, doing yoga, and “trying to get more grounded.”

Finally, she revealed that she adheres to intermittent fasting: “trying not to eat before 10 in the morning and not after six at night. And if I do eat at night, it’s a lot lighter than what I would eat during the day. And really Mediterranean diet. Just moving around.”