‘RHONY’: Ramona Singer Admits She Hasn’t Cleaned a Toilet (Or Mopped Floors) in Decades

Fans were cracking up at the videos Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City shared while in quarantine with her family.

Singer posted a few videos of how she is cleaning her Boca Raton, Florida home. She did a lot of cleaning wearing a black and white negligee, moping her floor and cleaning toilets. In fact, quite a few fans remarked that her cleaning skills weren’t up to snuff.

Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer | Sophy Holland/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A fan wanted to know if Singer realized her toilet cleaning skills were a little odd. Bravo producer Andy Cohen asked Singer about her approach to cleaning when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He waited until the After Show to deliver the question and Singer’s response was just as funny as the videos she’s been sharing.

Is this how you clean a toilet?

The toilet cleaning video shows Singer lightly running the toilet brush over the toilet and lid almost just flicking the porcelain surface. She basically cleans the exterior, the lid, the base … almost every area but inside the toilet.

Daughter Avery shared the video to her Instagram story, commenting that this was the second toilet her mother cleaned. “Second toilet mom, you got this,” her daughter says. “You’re like a professional.”

Singer replies giggling, “It’s my third toilet. Brings me back to my childhood. How many years ago was that? A long time ago. Maybe, uh … 55 years ago?” She continues to use the toilet brush to lightly run it on the outside of the toilet base.

She hasn’t cleaned a toilet (or mopped) in 40 years

Cohen delivered the question, “Ramona, Amy B wants you to explain your logic behind how you clean your toilets. It’s very gross.” Although Singer’s daughter insisted her mother was a pro, Singer says she’s a little out of practice.

“You know what, I’ve never cleaned a toilet in 40 years or something,” Singer admits. “My daughter, said I’m going to DM this. No, my daughter was putting it on her Instagram. And she’s like, ‘Mom!’ My daughter’s never cleaned a toilet, Avery. So she’s like, ‘Mom, you’re doing it wrong. With all these DMs you’re doing it wrong. So I had to go re-clean all the toilets. Now I know how to clean the toilets! So thank you fans for showing me!”

Toilet cleaning may not be the only thing Singer needs some practice doing. She shared a video in the same white and black negligee mopping her floor. “Whelp what can I say… not taking any chances over here so had to do away with the housecleaning service. I think I am managing quite well don’t you think!? 🤷🏼‍♀️” she captioned the video. She explains what she is doing in the video too. “Aright,” she says giggling as she mops her kitchen floor. “Mopping! Water, Clorox! Disinfects germs!”

Some RHONY cast members joked how she was mopping the wrong way. “Your mopping the wrong way🥰,” Dorinda Medley replied. But that’s when Singer admitted she hadn’t mopped a floor in 45 years either. “Doing the best I can haven’t mopped in 45 yrs ….. and they changed them .., lol 😂,” she replied.

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