‘RHONY’: Ramona Singer Unfollows Dorinda Medley Over Donald Trump Meme

Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City were going to try to mend their friendship but a Donald Trump meme may have pushed Singer to unfollow Medley on Instagram.

The Real Housewives of New York City
The Real Housewives of New York City | Photo courtesy Bravo

Medley shared a moment from the reunion pinning her as Joe Biden, Andy Cohen as Chris Wallace, and Singer as Trump during the first presidential debate. “Few questions here,” Medley wrote along with the video. “Do they go to the same Church? Do they know what Church is?!” Singer told Medley to “go to church” during the reunion.

She also added hashtags: debate, questions and facelift. Medley received a slew of responses, some favorable and several unfavorable.

Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer clashed during the reunion

Medley was at odds with both Tinsley Mortimer and Singer during the reunion. She didn’t seem to resolve her feud with Mortimer, but claimed to hope to resolve her differences with Singer.

However, she consistently went after Singer, especially when she was in the hot seat during the reunion. “Dorinda it seems that nobody gets as mean as you do when confronted about your alcohol use,” host Andy Cohen asked Medley during the reunion. “Why are you so defensive about the subject?”

“No, that’s wrong,” Medley said. “Ramona [Singer]did it as a zinger. And it had nothing to do with —” Singer cut Medley off and they argued. “Darling, you’re petrified that people are calling you a drunk,” Singer then said using a condescending tone. 

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But Medley and Singer tried to mend fences during the final hour of the reunion. “You know, I feel bad that Ramona and I couldn’t come to terms this season,” Medley said. “We have a 20-year relationship and we really do care for each other. But I didn’t feel like she had my back at all.”

“I think the way for Ramona and I to go forward if you want to continue our friendship is to just not rehash it,” she added. “And try to start building our friendship again. If it’s important to you. I just think it is.”

Medley had an especially tough season

Medley also admitted that perhaps she shouldn’t have filmed season 12. She dealt with a massive flood at Blue Stone Manor. Plus she and boyfriend John Mahdessian broke up.

“I felt very wounded, weak, vulnerable,” Medley said during the final hour of the reunion. “Like I said at the winery, I felt like I was a toothpick in an ocean with no help.” 

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“I was in such a damaged place,” she added. “I actually needed someone literally to tell the truth, I probably should have taken off the season. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

Singer and Medley told each other they still loved each other and Medley seemed hopeful they could get their friendship back on track. “I really would like to try,” she said about the friendship. “I’m not sure if we are gonna do it, but it’s worth a try after 20 years.”