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Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York City was not only at Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd’s wedding, she visited the former couple last year at their home and had no idea they would divorce.

Flagg, who stars in Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, shared in early March 2022 he and Boyd planned to divorce. Months after the announcement, he revealed he was already seeing someone new. The series of shares shocked many Bravo fans – and even friends like Morgan.

Sonja Morgan didn’t detect any issues when she visited Josh Flagg

Morgan told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she is close with Boyd and Flagg. “You know, I love Bobby,” she said. “I went to the wedding with Bobby, and I’m like, they don’t really have permission from me to get divorced without discussing it with me. The last time I stayed there, there was no mention of it. Everything was copacetic. Everything seemed great.”

Josh Flagg and Sonja Morgan pose for a photo at a birthday party in 2021.
Josh Flagg and Sonja Morgan | Patrick McMullan/PMC via Getty Images

While she doesn’t know anything about Flagg’s new boyfriend, Andrew Beyer, she said her daughter seems to have somewhat of a connection. “My daughter is in college in Philly,” Morgan said. “She knows people who know him. I think from his fraternity. She’s in a sorority. But they all know about it. So, in other words, he’s quite young.”

Morgan added that while she’s sad about the Flagg and Boyd’s split she is glad the former couple left on good terms. “I haven’t talked to Josh personally other than text,” she said. “Yeah, just that it is amicable. So that’s always good.”

Sonja is happy that Josh and Bobby’s split is amicable – ‘It’s always the best’

Morgan said an amicable split is always the best. “I always liked that about Luann [de Lesseps],” she said. “She stayed friendly with her ex-husband and he still pays the bills. That’s lovely.” De Lesseps and Count Alexandre de Lesseps divorced in 2009 and co-parented their two children.

Morgan wished she had that kind of relationship with her ex, John Adams Morgan. The former couple was married for seven years before their divorce in 2006. “You know, I wish I had an ex-husband who still paid the bills, and could actually talk to,” Morgan remarked.

“Because we were in love, my husband and I,” she continued. “And sometimes they say when you’re so in love and you get married because you really love each other, that’s when it’s very hard to divorce. And it quickly turned from love to I don’t want to see your face. So I always like that for Luann. And Ramona’s [Singer] friendly with her ex-husband again. Which for [daughter] Avery, I think that’s everything. It’s always the best to stay on good terms.”

Sonja reflected on her funny weekend at Josh and Bobby’s house

Morgan also dished about the vacation she spent at Flagg and Boyd’s house, which they documented on Instagram. Morgan flooded the tub in the upstairs bathroom, which caused a ceiling leak. Flagg shared blow by blow on his Instagram story, which resembled more of a sitcom.


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“We like to exaggerate or else we wouldn’t be on TV or even entertaining in real life,” Morgan laughed. “But they never use the guest room tub because they shower. So when I started running it, it started leaking into the kitchen. Of course, Josh blames me for everything.”

“And then he was like saying I took his car and left it in the street. I mean, it was hilarious,” she added. “And I was sleeping with his Academy Award. I said it was broken! It was broken. The two of us together are ridiculous. We always go out. And we sing together, actually. We do ‘Hello, Dolly’ and other skits. We’re at gay bars or go to charity [events]. At his wedding, we sang. You know, we’re not singers, we’re goofballs, but a lot of fun.”

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