‘RHONY’: Sonja Morgan Says Ramona Singer ‘Doesn’t Think’ and ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Her Friend’s Feelings

Is there malice behind Ramona Singer’s thoughtlessness? Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York City explained that sometimes Singer doesn’t think, but also doesn’t care when it comes to her friend’s feelings.

Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer from 'RHONY'
Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer | Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Morgan appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and responded to a question about what was behind Singer bringing Luann de Lesseps’ ex-husband’s former girlfriend to her Halloween party. Morgan said the move wasn’t a first for Singer and recounts other instances where Singer was insensitive.

Does Singer’s behavior frustrate Morgan? Probably. But Morgan said she’s almost used to Singer being thoughtless and not caring about anyone but herself.

Sonja Morgan recalls the ‘yacht’ instance

Host Andy Cohen posed a viewer question about Singer’s behavior during the Halloween party to Morgan during the After Show. “I just wanna go back to the time when Ramona was trying to get on the yacht with Tom [D’Agostino],” she says.

Tom D’Agostino is de Lesseps’ ex-husband and the two divorced before celebrating a year of marriage. “And that was hurtful. Luann had just started divorce proceedings and here [Singer] cared more about going to a party with Tom than her friendship with Luann.”

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“So it’s the same action,” Morgan says. “She doesn’t care. She brings Missy. And she brings Harry Dubin everywhere I am. You know, that’s just Ramona. I don’t think she thinks.” Morgan and Dubin were romantically linked, seriously during one season of the show.

Morgan also thinks Dorinda Medley was correct to call Singer out

But did Singer deserve the public roasting she received from Dorinda Medley during the Halloween party? Medley gave a “toast” where she publicly shamed Singer in front of the group. Morgan thinks Medley was in the right. “I think she had a point there,” Morgan said. “She was upset that Ramona was saying, ‘You’re drunk!’ I mean, you gotta point out a friend is drunk at a party? I don’t know.”

Cohen also asked Morgan how she feels about Elyse Slaine saying that Singer dumped her. “Uh, yeah, that’s what Ramona does,” Morgan says with a shrug. Slaine, who is a “friend” on the series was a longtime friend of Singer. However, once she joined the show, Singer suddenly ghosted her.

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Morgan tried to explain Singer’s behavior to Slaine during the Halloween episode. “I think she wants to keep you in your place,” Morgan shared. “She’s afraid of losing control of her loved ones.” Slaine later confronts Singer during the party and Singer diminishes her remarks.

“And now that she’s feeling stronger and I don’t have a jet, a yacht, a house in Aspen and I can’t do plastic surgery on her, she has no need for me anymore,” Slaine said in a confessional.