RHONY’s Sonja Morgan Is the Lucille Ball of ‘Housewives’ [Exclusive]

Sonja Morgan may not be an original cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City but her essence and natural comedic timing made her a beloved icon on the series.

Rumored to be filming a Simple Life type series with Luann de Lesseps, Morgan certainly brings the laughs to any series she joins. She recently reflected on growing up as the class clown, always with the desire to make people happy.

Sonja Morgan recalls being the class clown in school

She laughed thinking back to when she was in school. “I can’t believe this because I was always the class clown,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “My teacher would always say, ‘Stop talking in the back of the room.’ And I was never the one to sit in the front because I always wanted to hang out in the back and have my own party going all the time.”

Sonja Morgan stands in the middle of a room wearing a red dress and a crowd stands by looking at her
Sonja Morgan | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Ok! Magazine

“I don’t follow direction very well, but I did well in school,” she recalled. “But the thing is, I was distracting. That’s what my teacher said, ‘You always do fine. But you’re distracting to your classmates.’ I mean, let’s just say public speaking was my forte. I think I did pretty well at that. But I think that helped me out with my philanthropy because I can always spread the word and in a positive way.”

What does Sonja Morgan find funny?

Morgan is one of the most requested people on Cameo because she’s so funny. “I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a top three performer on Cameo where I do these personal videos,” she shared. “And I can’t believe that I’ve been there almost two years and I’m still in the top three with two comedians, so it makes me happy that I found my way, that this is what I can do. I make people feel great about their 50th birthday.”

One reason why Morgan is so funny is that she finds humor in just about everything. “Just the stupidest things,” Morgan said about what makes her laugh. “I noticed when I do the improv show, people like [jokes about] farts and poops and sex and just … childlike things. And I think we should remember that definitely during lockdown, I got in touch with my child’s side again. And convening with nature, all that kind of stuff. So it’s important. That’s another reason I wanted to do the show again because I did it before COVID and then we had to lock down and I realized all the artists were not working.”

Where can fans catch Sonja today?

While Morgan teased about filming, she could only confirm that she was going full steam ahead with her “Sonja in Your City” tour, which she described as being a comedy performance with a cab-burlesque flavor.

Morgan said everyone who comes to see her should plan to be thoroughly entertained.

“So when you come to the show, I always use local talent,” she shared, always a fan of helping local artists. “I’ll have a local drag queen, a local standup artist who will start the evening. And then I come out with my two cast mates Douglas Widick and Matt Brooks. So they are the standing team that we travel together and it’s improv. I do improv. I remember Andy Cohen saying, ‘You could always count on me when I come on the show to have an off-the-cuff quip.’ So that’s what I do.”

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