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Monique Samuels shocked fans when she announced she was not returning for season 6 of RHOP. her friends and co-stars Karen Huger and Ashley Dillard are saddened that she’s no longer part of the show. But one person who is happy about Samuels’ exit is Gizelle Bryant.

(L to r) Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Monique Samuels, Robyn Dixon, and Gizelle Bryant | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Monique Samuels alleged Gizelle Bryant was behind a plot to destroy her family; claims producers protect Bryant

Samuels’ physical fight with Candiace Dillard left a bad taste in Bryant’s mouth. Bryant refused to film with Samuels and blamed Samuels for things turning physical. 

But according to Samuels, her explosive behavior was due to four seasons of dealing with drama behind the scenes involving Bryant. She alleges that Bryant, along with former friends and co-stars, tried bringing a rumor to the show about Samuels alleging having an affair. The alleged affair resulted in a pregnancy. Dillard admitted in an Instagram video that she was aware of Bryant’s alleged plot.

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Per Samuels, Bryant worked hard to bring the rumor to the show in order to ruin her family. Bryant denies such. But Samuels insisted producers were aware of Bryant’s plot and forbid her from speaking of such on the show.

Samuels claims Bryant has done other malicious things behind the scenes but is always protected by producers. As a result, Samuels quit the show, citing the cattiness and lack of accountability as her reasoning.

According to Samuels, Bryant is miserable and jealous and will stoop to the lowest level in order to secure her position on the show.  

Gizelle Bryant is happy Monique Samuels is not returning to ‘RHOP’

Bryant and Samuels’ relationship did not get off to a good start. Unfortunately, they never made peace with one another. As a result, coupled with a tough season and even more dramatic reunion in which viewers felt Samuels annihilated Bryant, Bryant is happy to no longer work with her on-screen nemesis. 

In a recent interview with Pop Culture @ Home, Bryant explained why she is happy that Samuels opted not to return.

“The fact that she’s not [returning] is a breath of fresh air,” Bryant said. “I think we all just need to move forward, and move on, and move past what happened in season 5. Season 5 was a mess.”

Source: YouTube

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Despite Samuels alluding to Bryant trying to have her kicked off of the show post her fight with Dillard, Bryant insisted that she was unaware of Samuels’ decision to leave. She also claimed she has no say so in casting.

“I didn’t know one way or the other – people have asked me so many time, ‘Do you want her to come back’ and all of those things about whether or not she’s going to return,” Bryant continued. “I have no say over that, I have no say about who’s on the show.”

It’s rumored that Samuels’ exit left producers scrambling at the last minute to fill her spot. Two new housewives are said to be joining in Samuels’ place for season 6. Filming for the next season is already underway.