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RHOP fans will see the rekindling of Gizelle Bryant’s relationship with her ex Jamal Bryant play out on the upcoming season. The award-winning author is happy to be back with Jamal but the couple’s three daughters have their hesitations. A clip in the trailer shows Gizelle having to deal with her daughters’ belief that Jamal is untrustworthy. Gizelle says things are progressing between her and Jamal but her daughters still have their reservations.

Jamal Bryant and Gizelle Bryant
Jamal Bryant and Gizelle Bryant via Twtter

Gizelle Bryant reconciles with her ex-husband Jamal Bryant but her daughters are skeptical

The Bryants began dating again after being divorced for over a decade. RHOP viewers first met Gizelle as a single woman raising her three daughters and establishing her own beauty business. She and Jamal split due to his infidelity.

By the season 4 reunion, rumors surfaced that Gizelle was giving Jamal another chance. 

“You know, I look back, and I just feel like nobody is what their mistakes are. And I feel like he’s a different person, I’m a different person. So we are baby-stepping, but we are moving into the direction that we want to move into,” she told Andy Cohen at the season 4 reunion.

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While Gizelle is happy with her and Jamal’s new romance, her daughters are not. In a preview clip for the premiere episode of season 5, Bryant chats with her three daughters about her relationship with their father. The girls appear irritable, alleging that their father only calls them to please their mother, which Gizelle denies. 

They also explain why they are not on board with the two dating and speak openly with Gizelle about their worries. 

“When we are all together, it’s just you two and us three, it’s not a full family,” Gizelle’s eldest daughter tells her. “We’re not saying we don’t trust you, we just want the best for you because we know what he’s done in the past.”

Gizelle Bryant speaks on her daughters’ hesitation about her relationship and reveals if marriage is in the cards with Jamal Bryant

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gizelle elaborates on her daughter’s feelings about her relationship with their father. She also reveals that her daughters’ stance remains the same.

“They’ve never known us to be together because when we got divorced they were babies so this is new and I get it,” she says. “It’s one day at a time. Their dad is their dad and that’s really what matters and that’s what really is important…They’re very protective of their mom, as they should be.”
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As for another marriage with Jamal, Gizelle says she’s open to it but she’s not ready to uproot her life yet. Jamal is a preacher of a megachurch in Atlanta and they are currently in a long-distance relationship.

Gizelle says it’s important for her to keep her daughters in school but when the time is right, she is willing to jump the broom again.

“I guess whenever Bravo fires me, I’ll move to Atlanta,” she jokes.

RHOP season 5 premieres on Sunday, August 2 at 8 PM EST.